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Gujarat BJP 2.0

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: December 17, 2022 4:43 pm

For desired result each Hindu will have to campaign for BJP and make sure that every single Hindu in the state of Gujarat votes for BJP. BJP should not only win 182 out of 182 seats but also should get hundred percent of Hindu votes. This will pave the way for Hindu Gujarat. When every state will become a Hindu state then automatically India will become a Hindu nation.

The above lines are from my article ‘BJP’s Gujarat 2022 Manifesto a Precursor to its 2024 National Manifesto’, published in the 25 November 2022 issue of this magazine. Voters did not give 182 seats to BJP. They only give 156 seats. Not bad. The call was for 100% seats what BJP got was 86%.  News of independent, AAP and Congress MLAs joining BJP is floating around. By the time you read this article BJP would have inched closer to 100%. The same article also talked about the development in Gujarat to be measured in the Trivarga model of development and include the following issues in the BJP’s manifesto:

  • n Renaming Ahmedabad as Karnavati. If names of Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, Bangalore, Allahabad, Mugalsarai etc. can be changed what is stopping BJP to change the name of Ahmedabad to Karnavati?. This should be followed by other places named after Islamic invaders in Gujarat.
  • Reclaiming and renovating the mandirs which were razed and converted into mosques by the invaders. This should be the logical next step after renaming. It should start with reclaiming Bhadrakalimandir. Jama Masjid was built by Ahmed Shah I on Bhadrakalimandir in 1424 in Ahmedabad. The mandir was constructed by Rajput Parmar kings of Malwa. The pillars and carvings of flowers, elephants and serpents and dancers in the mosque represent the typical Hindu mandir style. Ahmedabad was named after Ahmed Shah I who captured Karnavati in 1411. Different sources put the number of such mandirs to be close to thousand, only in Gujarat.
  • Releasing Mandirs from the government control. It is surprising that the only details about government control of mandirs in Gujarat on internet that author could find is a 2012 report from Indian Express. The report is scary. It says: The state government took over the control of nearly 28 temples last year of which 23 are in Bhavnagar district alone. It now controls over 244 major temples including the revenue-earning ones like Somnath, Dwarka and Ambaji, according to a reply by Tourism Minister Jay Narayan Vyas to a question by Congress MLA Kiran Makwana in the Monsoon Session of the state Assembly. (Govt in overdrive to take over temples by Kapil Dave, 22 September 2022, BJP should release the mandirs from the clutches of government control asap. It is too late but better late than never.
  • Start treating Hindus at par with Muslims and start giving same benefits to Hindus which are being given to Muslims in terms of child production to free education, free wedding to non-returnable bank loans etc. The institutionalised discrimination of the Hindus by the state needs to be stopped and which better state than Gujarat to start with where BJP has been in power for 25 years.
  • Change the text books and introduce more dharmic, nationalist and fact-based historical content. Basically, a Bhartiya approach to education in terms of books. The first thing that opposition parties do after coming to power is change the text book. BJP is yet to learn this from opposition.

One hopes that since the voters in Gujarat have done their part, BJP Gujarat will fulfil its part without any ifs and buts. BJP Gujarat will have to do something more. That something more is to do some work for itself. There is no confusion on the fact that the BJP Gujarat has won this election in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is time BJP Gujarat starts preparing itself for next round of elections. It should promise that it will win the next election without Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaigning in Gujarat.

The next elections will be 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Gujarat BJP and the voters of Gujarat need to make a promise to themselves and the Prime Minister that they will give all 26 parliament seats to BJP without having the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to campaign for even a day

in Gujarat.

It is important to increase the tally of seats and vote share for BJP at the national level. It is also need of the hour that the BJP spreads its foot print in the areas where it has not been successful so far. It will need Prime Minister Narendra Modi to spend more time campaigning in these areas. After all BJP has no better campaigner then him. The more time Prime Minister Narendra Modi spends campaigning in the areas from where the BJP is not being represented in the parliament, the higher the chances for BJP to win from those areas.

I have full faith in the Hindus of Gujarat. It is the BJP Gujarat which needs to pull up its shocks. I am sure they will love to take up this challenge. To achieve this, they will have to work on the following:

  • Go full force to implement the Gujarat BJP manifesto.
  • Fully implement central government schemes.
  • In next one year leave no voters untouched.
  • Reach the last Hindu on the social ladder and stand with him in all ups and downs, the way one will stand with a family member.
  • Last but not the least, work on above mentioned five points.

BJP had to change the ministry including the Chief Minister before elections in Gujarat, obviously it means that there were performance issues. Large number of MLAs were denied tickets further establishes the fact that the work was not being done on the ground and it has been assumed that the Prime Minister will come and win elections in Gujarat.

In last assembly BJP had 36 first time MLAs. Now, BJP has now got 64 MLAs who have been voted for the first time. The work of senior MLAs and party leaders should be to guide these MLAs so that they can be winner based on their own work. This will lead to a situation where BJP will be able to win 26 Loksabha seats in Gujarat, without the campaigning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It is a difficult task but not an impossible one. Gujarat BJP can do this not only because it has got a huge mandate but also because it is the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is time Gujarat BJP moved to Gujarat BJP 2.0.

By Sandeep Singh

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