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Guduchi The Divine Nectar

Updated: August 20, 2011 12:38 pm

Guduchi in Sanskrit means the one who protects the body. This creeper is given many names due to its innumerable medical properties. Madhuparni means one whose leaves are full of honey. It is known as Vayastha as it promotes longtivity, Amrita (the divine nectar) as it is extremely beneficial for strengthening the immunity of the body. Guduchi grows almost all over India mostly in forest areas. It usually grows on neem trees and it is said the synergy between these two bitter plants enhances its effectiveness.

                All parts of Guduchi plant are useful for various medical purposes. It helps in proper functioning of the various organs of the body. It rejuvenates and strengthens the body by detoxifying and cleansing the body, especially through liver.

                Guduchi has been reported to treat throat cancer in humans. It is a unique health rejuvenator and an excellent herb as an immune booster and general tonic.

                In India the starch of the plant is known as Giloe–ka-sat and was used in medicinal preparations.

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Its other benefits are

  • Guduchi delays signs of ageing, enhance the memory power, grasping power and recollection ability, increases strength, improves appetite and rejuvenates the body.
  • In liver damage and viral hepatitis it is very helpful in repairing and regenerating liver tissue. Fresh juice of guduchi mixed with sugar candy (misri) speeds up the recovery in hepatitis patients.
  • In gout and other inflammatory joint conditions, guduchi juice helps clear toxins and uric acid through urinary system. guduchi oil is effective in reducing the pain and inflammation in gout. The decoction of guduchi and sonth (dry ginger) is good combination for treating gout and rheumatic disorders.
  • All the auto immune disease causing inflammation. It is very effective in diseases like cancers, AIDs and arthritis as it boosts the immune system. It is also used to offset the ulcerative and toxic effects of chemo and radio therapy. Decreases tissue damage caused by radiation and the side effects of some forms of chemotherapy.
  • It is very useful in inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is specifically used for burning sensation on the skin. Guduchi oil is very effective in relieving pain and inflammation on skin.
  • The decoction of the guduchi mixed with neem and vasa eases itching and oozing.
  • Guduchi’s bitter yet heating qualities stimulate and strengthen the digestive system. It heals bowels effected constipation, intestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids etc. It is also very useful in treating flatulence, bloating and mal-absorption. It is helpful in treating digestive ailments like hyperacidity, colitis, worm infections, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, excessive thirst, vomiting etc.
  • Guduchi juice mixed with cumin seeds (roasted and powdered) reduces the burning sensation caused due to acidity.
  • It regulates sugar levels in the blood. It is very calming on nerves and gives a soothing effect to nervous system.
  • It is considered one of the best herbs to clear micro circulatory system and other bodily channels. It helps to deal with the renal infection. It acts as diuretic. It has antibacterial properties along with anti-inflammatory action.
  • Its anti-inflammatory and anti- pyretic properties help get relief from fevers. The starch of the plant serves as a household remedy for chronic fevers.
  • This herb is very useful to treat the kidney infection, urinary infections etc. Relieves burning sensation and increases energy and appetite.
  • Guduchi Juice taken along with cow’s milk is helpful in combating leukemia.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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