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Gratitude to the judge by naming sons in his name

Updated: May 23, 2015 5:03 pm

The AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa’s acquittal in the corruption case by Justice Kumaraswamy has not pleased the Gods so much as to bless him at past 60, the potency to produce an army of babies named after him. But it has given 64-year-old A Chandran a new mission in life. The councillor of Coimbatore’s 84th ward now wants people to name their newborn babies after Justice CR Kumara-swamy, the Karnataka high court judge who gave the verdict.

Since the judgement, Chandran has been visiting hospitals in his ward to check on expecting mothers who happen to be members of AIADMK. And he is doing his best to persuade them to call their sons Kumaraswamy, should they have one. If it is a girl, he has suggested the parents call her Amma Kumaraswamy. Quite ingeniuous! At the party office, where a crowd had gathered to celebrate, Chandran soon made his own announcement. “Since Mr Kumaraswamy overturned the trial court’s order, we have a special affection towards him. This is our sign of gratitude,” he explained. The impulsive acts of Ms Jayalithaa’s fans have made news time and again. According to Ms Jayalalithaa’s statement after the dismissal of the case, , following her conviction in the assets case last September, 233 people had even committed suicide across the state. Ahead of the verdict, others fasted and prayed, tonsured their heads, grew beard and prostrated themselves in temples. Gods had to bow down to so much pressure. They might do justice if required at all, later. Chandran, a father of three girls, hopes to meet with some success. Unfortunately, he cannot implement the idea at home and express his personal gratitude. All three of his daughters are quite grown up.

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