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GoZero Mobility expanding its footprints in India

Updated: August 29, 2020 1:40 pm

GoZero Mobility, a British electric bike & lifestyle brand which forayed into the Indian market after one year of design & technology development in Birmingham, United Kingdom, GoZero is expanding its global reach into India. Headquartered in Birmingham, GoZero has established the operations base in Kolkata, India. GoZero works on futuristic product line to suit the market demand and meet unmet needs. The current product line includes One and Mile.

As an introduction into the market, GoZero Mobility launched its flagship products “One” and “Mile” performance e-bikes in March 2019 in New Delhi. To introduce the products in the market, GoZero has partnered up with Kirti Solar based in Kolkata, for the development and manufacturing of current & future products, utilizing the global supply chain to “Make in India”. As a part of the association, Kirti Solar has invested USD 250,000 in GoZero Mobility.

Moreover, for the month of October specifically, GoZero has launched ‘Fit October Program’ in regard to the Fit India Movement announced by the Prime Minister of India. Under the program, the GoZero E-bikes are available at all retailers & E-commerce websites at heavy discounts.


Ankit Kumar, CEO, GoZero Mobility,  while talking to Ravi Mishra, elaborated  how the company is expanding its footprint in Indian Market.


How is people’s response towards GoZero mobility?

With the emerging trend of electric bicycles people are preferring to use them more rather commuting on public transport due to COVID-19 and also with the Government policy of aiming to ensure 25% of newly registered electric vehicles across the city by 2024. GoZero products command a premium segment of the bicycle market by not just being a performance bicycle brand but also a premium lifestyle brand. It is a functional and relatively affordable option for people who want to buy an environment friendly ride option as either a mode of transport or as a hobby.

In just 11 months of run, GoZero became the second largest electric bicycle player in India. Being a British brand, Gozero commands a premium end of the market.  Gozero bikes provide aid to people in order to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Due to frequent increase in the fuel prices, the electrically charged GoZero bikes seem to be the right choice compared to the traditional vehicles.


How  is GoZero mobility expanding its market in India?

E-bikes are playing an increasingly significant role in policies to promote low carbon transport and healthy cities. GoZero e-bikes replace short and medium distance car journeys and contribute to reducing traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas because they place less demand on road space and produce zero emissions whilst in operation .Growing distributor & dealership network, rising online sales, and increasing affordability of electric two wheelers being provided by leading automobile manufacturers are some of the other key factors that boost demand for GoZero electric cycle in India. With the rising cost of fuel at International level, increasing levels of pollution and congestion in the transport system especially in urban areas, higher maintenance cost of vehicles, the GoZero bikes have a very bright future in the area of personal transportation and is hotting up in the market. The face of the auto industry that was redefined with the invention of fuel-efficient technology is all set to see the dawn of a new era in the two-wheeler industry. When it comes to electric bikes, the cost efficiency of GoZero electric bikes are even better than normal bikes as there is no fuel consumption in electric bikes.

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