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Govt giving primacy to development of border area infrastructure to make it more secure, says PM

Updated: June 20, 2020 11:42 am

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored that India wants peace and friendship, but upholding sovereignty is foremost. He highlighted that the government has given primacy to development of border area infrastructure to make our borders more secure. He said, patrolling capacity at LAC has also increased and the country is better informed about the developments at LAC and is able to monitor and respond better. He said, the movement of those which used to take place without any disruption earlier is now checked by our soldiers, which at times leads to build up of tension.

Emphasizing on the commitment of the government towards welfare of the nation and its citizens, Mr. Modi said, be it in trade, connectivity or counter-terrorism, the government has always stood up against outside pressure. On the suggestions received from the various leaders, the Prime Minister said, this will help in formulating the future strategy.

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