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Govt assures farmers of  hike in MSP 

Updated: October 2, 2020 12:25 pm
Union Minister Rajnath Singh assured the farm community that the Minimum Support Price, MSP will not only stay, it will be continuously increased too in coming years.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi Mr Singh said, being a farmer’s son himself, he wants to make it clear that the Narendra Modi government will not do anything that is not in the interest of the farmers.

He appealed to all farmers’ organisations to have a dialogue with the Government, if they have any issues. Mr Singh said, he has already started talking to farmer’s organisations to clear misgivings and misconceptions.

The Minister also hit out at the Congress Party’s youth wing protesters for burning a tractor, saying, as a weapon is sacred to soldiers, so is a tractor for farmers and by burning a tractor, they insulted the farmers.

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