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Our government doesn’t work through remote control

Updated: June 1, 2017 3:54 pm

“PM Modi’s government is based on the ideology of transparency, promoting revival of rural economy and providing basic infrastructure to all,” says  Bhupendra Yadav, BJP General Secretary, Bihar and Gujarat Incharge, in an exclusive chat with Deepak Kumar Rath, Editor, Uday India. Excerpts:


The Modi government is completing three years in office. How would you rate it?

For the last three years, Modi government has worked on various fronts. You see poverty is the biggest problem of the country. During his election rallies, PM Modi has always maintained that country’s both sides–eastern and western–should be developed simultaneously. So, for this,  we have taken many steps and, mind you, some of these steps were such that any popular government would have hesitated to take them.  But PM Modi took such decisions with resolve. To destroy the parallel economy of black money, the government took the drastic step of demonetization. To empower the poor and to give them the benefits of the government schemes directly into their accounts, government started Jan Dhan Accounts and got them linked to Aadhar database. If you talk about the basic necessities of life then electricity is a big issue. For providing electricity to the poor people, we are working tirelessly and have already provided 18 thousand villages with electricity. Through Ujjwala scheme, we have provided our mothers and sisters with gas facilities so that they don’t have to face difficulties in making food. For promoting the middle class, the government has started MUDRA scheme.  Through these steps the poor of the country have directly benefitted. Along with this, to give right direction to the rural economy and to double the agricultural produce of the country, we have introduced schemes like crop insurance, soil health card, Prime Minister irrigation scheme, etc. To bring the produce of the farmers to the market in a non-transparent  way, we have introduced e-mandi system.  Also various laws were changed and new laws were enacted such as GST Act, DRT laws, changes in laws of banking sector, changes in Benami Property Act, new changes in Enemy Property Act, amendment in mining sector laws and schemes for betterment of rural roads.  We started all these schemes and this has been  done for the development of the country only.

Today we are seeing a wide gap arising between the rich and the poor and also employment opportunities for the youth of the country are waning.

After the demontisation drive of our government, former PM Manmohan Singh had said that this drive would stop the development of our country but it happened opposite. Today, we are the fastest growing economy of the world. We are seeing an increase in the manufacturing sector for the first time, which in itself means that employment opportunities are increasing. For promoting  self-employment, the government has given money to almost 2 crore people through MUDRA scheme so that they can develop their start ups. In a recent report, it was said that the maximum FDI has come to our country.


Did the demonetisation drive help the party in registering a massive victory in Uttar Pradesh?

We have to congratulate PM Modi for the demonetization drive. It gave the poor the confidence that the PM is working tirelessly and responsibly for their betterment. For any country’s GDP growth, equal and transparent development is very necessary. In our country, parallel economy and tax evasion has always been there, which is very detrimental for the development and this is the reason for the wide gap between the rich and the poor. People now understand the positive impact of the historic demonetisation drive and the victory in Uttar Pradesh substantiate this fact. Now people understand that they can believe in the Bhartiya Janta Party.

In Delhi the BJP has been in MCD for the last 10 years but after seeing the condition of Safdarjung and AIIMS hospitals, the question arises whether the Swacch Bharat mission will ever reach to these hospitals? Secondly, did the government attain its target of constructing two crore toilets in rural areas ?

See, as far as these hospitals are concerned, the condition has completely changed in the last three years. Secondly, this mission is not only limited to Delhi but it is for the whole of India. The truth of this country is that earlier only one class was relegated in doing the cleaning of the country but now after the PM Modi called for Swachch Bharat mission, every class is doing its bit in this regard. The main thing that this mission has done is eradication of the class ethos of the society, and consequently, equality in the society has risen, which is helping in promoting the New India campaign of the Modi government. Wherever PM Modi  goes, he talks about this initiative. Media can play a positive role in this mission, however it is  doing its bit in promoting this mission. Youth is also providing momentum to this mission. Cleanliness is our basic right and we should be aware of that.

How would you compare the three years of former PM Manmohan Singh with that of PM Narendra Modi?

PM Modi’s government is based on the ideology of transparency, promoting revival of rural economy and providing basic infrastructure to all. And the most important thing is that our government doesn’t work through remote control.

What has happened in the last one year of these three years that the BJP is winning elections  in most of states?

I think by enacting new laws in the social, economical and political spheres, this government has succeeded in gaining the confidence of the people. After the enactment of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, the country has witnessed a steep rise in direct investment. After the passage of GST Bill through consensus, people are convinced that the government is taking steps in right earnest. By bringing the OBC Bill, we have ensured that no discrimination is done to this class. All in all, Modi ji is endeavouring to give a transparent government.

How has the government performed in agro and manufacturing sectors?

We have performed very well  in agriculture sector. The Center’s aim is to double the income of the farmers, and in this regard, governments of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chatissgarh and other states are playing their important roles. There is a dip in the manufacturing sector. Recently, the government has taken a decision in uranium sector, if replicated in other sectors, then the manufacturing sector will immensely be benefitted. Earlier, there was too much confusion in the departments of the Centre and that of the state governments, which led to stalling of works. But our government has ensured that there is no such glitch to be found and the developmental works are not stalled.

The UP government has decided to waive farmers’ loan. How will it procure such a huge amount?

The UP government has procured such amount with a special provision and the Yogi government is very determined about it.

For the last three years’ performance, how would you rank the government on the scale of 1 to 10?

I will give 10 out of 10.

Some of the ministries, most importantly the Defence Ministry, has no permanent minister that too when we have very poor relation with China and Pakistan

This is the prerogative of the Prime Minister, and as far as the government is concerned, everything is going fine .

There is a connection between the government and the party. Being the general secretary, would you say something about it.

Party president Amit Shah through his organisational skills has added 10 crore members to the party. To promote the works of the government, the party has instituted 19 departments and 6 sub-departments. Along with this, in every three months, party organises national, state and zila level functions, in which motions are passed on the working of the government, which are eventually passed to all the sub levels. So, I think our organisation is working in tandem with our president’s organizational skills and leadership of our Prime Minister.

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