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Gotu Kola

Updated: May 23, 2015 4:21 pm

Indian pennywort is referred in Ayurveda as a gift of God. This wonderful medicinal plant is known as Asiatic pennywort, Brahmi booti, Mandookaparni, gotu kola and by many other names in India.

This plant contains a number of vitamins like vitamin K, B complex vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc and manganese. It is a boon for those suffering from varicose veins, asthma and skin problems like psoriasis.

The Health Benefits


  • Take the plant, thoroughly clean and dry it and make powder of the dried plant and store in a bottle. Take ¼ spoon powder with one spoon honey twice a day one hour before lunch and dinner. This will help clean the blood and cure many skin diseases.
  • Juice extracted from the leaves is highly beneficial in promoting purification of blood.  It improves circulation and helps build connective tissues.  This herb contains chemicals that are particularly useful for varicose veins. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastic. These connective tissues strengthen the internal lining and walls of your veins. Women are mostly prone to this disease and this herb acts as a boon for them.
  • Take 25g of Brahmi booti leaves powder, 25g of shankha pushpi powder, 50g badam (Almond) powder, cardamom powder 50g, chironji seeds powder 100g mix all these powders and store in Jar. Add one spoon of this powder to one glass of milk and boil it well add sugar as per taste and drink to get relief from cold,  cough, phlegm, heart weakness and to improve memory power.
  • The herb has energising effect on the cells of brain; it is believed to enhance brain function in terms of memory and concentration naturally, relieving mental fatigue and helps the body defend itself against different toxins. It is recommended for various nervous disorders like epilepsy, senility and premature aging.
  • Take few leaves of this plant and boil in ¼ l of water when the water is reduced to half add equal amount of cow milk and little sugar. Drink this milk early in the morning. It improves intelligence, gives energy to brain, and cures fits, fear and anxiety.
  • These leaves have the ability to heal sores owing to their anti-bacterial properies.
  • Increased collagen production in Brahmi booti leaves help in wound healing. They are used for eczema and other skin related ailments like skin ulcers.
  • It is a mild diuretic and can aid in elimination of excess fluids.
  • You can make tea by pouring boiling water over the leaves and steep for a few minutes or you can blend the fresh leaves, strain, and add ice cubes, sugar candy, lemon to make a cold drink. These drinks control and reduce high blood pressure very effectively.
  • Gotu kola leaves are also used in making chutneys, chapattis, curries etc. One can easily recognise the herb as it commonly grows in parks and gardens with shovel shaped leaves. Before using any of the above methods for prolonged period, do consult your doctor.

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