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Goodness Of Green Mangoes

Updated: May 11, 2013 2:11 pm

Summer is the best and only season to get green mangoes. I become nostalgic when I see green mangoes. During summer holidays we used to eagerly wait to visit our grandparents in our native village where these mangoes were easily accessible to us and enjoy them during our stay there. Eating green mangoes with salt prevents excessive loss of water from the body, quenches thirst and protects from the negative effects of very high temperatures. It is found to be effective in treating colon cancer, tuberculosis and anaemia.


■             Vitamin C present in green mangoes fights inflammation and increases resistance to fight against diseases as they are rich in anti-oxidants. It aids in the absorption of iron and prevents bleeding tendencies. Eliminates the possibility of getting scurvy, stops bleeding gums and protects from anemia. Dry green mango powder is especially beneficial for scurvy.

■             Glutamine helps improve memory and concentration.

■             Potassium and calcium in mangoes help resist muscle cramps, stress and cardiovascular diseases.

■             Vitamin A The carotene and vitamin A in green mango is essential for the wellness of eyes and specially helps to prevent muscular degeneration in adults.

■             Niacin in mangoes helps proper cholesterol level maintenance in blood stream.

■             Different kinds of carotenoids present in mangoes help keep the immune system strong and healthy.

■             Iron content in mangoes helps individuals fight against anaemia. Drinking green mango juice prevents excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron due to sweating in summers. Steam green mangoes, make juice by adding jeera (Cumin seed) powder, rock salt and sugar. It is an effective remedy to prevent from sun stroke.

■             Calcium and potassium in green mango helps resist acidity, muscle cramps, stress and helpful in cardiac conditions.

■             Vitamin A and E present in raw mango enhances human hormonal system.

■             Phenols and phenolic compounds and other anti-oxidants in mangoes are found to be having anti-cancer properties. Eating raw mangoes may help ward off cancer.

■             Rich source of Pectin in mangoes helps in treating gastro-intestinal disorders. Pectin diminishes after the formation of the seed. Hence eat tender mangoes in which seed is not fully formed with salt and honey. It is also considered very effective medicine for summer diarrhoea, dysentery, piles, morning sickness, indigestion and constipation.

■             Raw mango is found to be very effective in treating morning sickness. It would help eliminate nausea for pregnant women.

■             Glutamine in green mangoes helps to improve memory and concentration.

■             Specific acid content in green mangoes helps in internal cleansing by increasing the bile secretion. Mix a tea spoon full of honey and black pepper powder to slices of green mangoes. It tastes fantastic and keeps the liver healthy as well.

■             Rich fibre content in mangoes helps relieving from constipation.

■             A wide variety of spicy pickles are made of green mango in Andhra Pradesh which are very popular world wide. Mangoes dried in season in the form of pieces and powder and are preserved for further use in off season.



Mango leaves help normalize insulin levels in the blood. Boil leaves in water and let them soak overnight and then consume the filtered water in the morning.

No festival or religious ceremony in India is passed without decorating the archways and doors with mango leaves. The significance of these green mango leaves are that they give a lot of oxygen which is needed in the surrounding area. Moreover, the leaves have anti germicidal properties that repel certain insects. They give a lot of positive vibrations which help the people who gather in that place.

Note: Too much intake of green mango may also affect your voice and related organs negatively. Enjoy the benefits of green mango in a limited intake.

By Nibhaniapudi Suguna

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