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Good Days Were Back In Central Asia

Updated: August 14, 2015 6:55 am

The senior bureaucrats who accompanied Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-country—Japan, South Korea and Bangladesh—tours were in for disappointment. Most of them were gourmet, connoisseur of exotic food and were expecting real, authentic dishes in Tokyo and in Dhaka, Hilsa was on their mind. But the host countries did not serve non-vegetarian dishes in respect of the Prime Minister Modi. The bureaucrats had no option but to turn vegetarian.

But good old days of tasting exotic dishes in exotic destinations were back when they accompanied the Prime Minister recently to Central Asian countries. “These countries were unable to understand. They served special vegetarian dishes for the prime minister and other vegetarians were served almost the same. But we were pleasantly surprised when non-vegetarian dishes were served. And the preparations of a few dishes were different indifferent countries.”

Now they all are happy and contented. Those who are to the US are without any trepidation looking forward Uncle Sam’s excellent hospitality. Good days are back.

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