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God Save Rahul from advisors

Updated: February 12, 2016 1:21 pm

Why is the Prince spending so much time shedding crocodile tears — he can’t expect us to believe that he can’t stop crying for a researchers he never met or ever heard of him — sitting in protest along with other students of Banaras Hindu University over the reasons which compelled him to commit suicide?

Now SC/ST Board has said the research scholar was not a Dalit but an OBC. That will be a setback. Will Rahul come back now because the huge Dalit vote bank will not be won?

After this the story that follows is a joke or truth one cannot vouch. It is said that his advisers have told him that as he cannot win in Amethi because of Smriti Irani, it will be safer for him to contest from Varanasi. In three years time Modi will become very unpopular so to defeat him would be easy. This is why Rahul is spending so much time in Varanasi.

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