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Go Gaga Over  ‘Games’

Updated: September 8, 2016 12:23 pm

Whether you play games or not, they have become an integral part of our culture. For some, it is hard to imagine a world without smartphone games. We have all spent long hours at a doctor’s office waiting for our turn, or at a boring lecture slyly racking up points on that favourite game of ours. From the incredibly addictive Temple Run, Subway Surfers to Candy Crush, there have been several games that had us tapping away on our smartphones late into the night. Here are our picks on some good  games for you.



If you like the sort of games that lets you strategise and patiently find a solution, then Mekorama is for you. Simply put, it’s a cute isometric game that has a robot that you need to guide to a certain point overcoming all the obstacles. The premise of the game is that you help guide the robot home through a series of mechanical dioramas. The path is made of blocks and to move along you simply need to tap one that you want to move to. As you progress the levels get more complicated. The game also lets you build your own levels and can be challenging.


Shadow Fight 2

Who doesn’t want to fight like a ninja? With this beautifully animated fighting game, you can do just that. Shadow Fight 2 brings the popular browser game to your smartphones and tablets and it’s perfect for the touch screen. The game comes with a good mix of action and RPG and is perfect for that adrenalin pumping action sequence if you’re looking for one. Be warned though that the game comes at a price; the free version is slower and has in-app purchases.


Roll the Ball

This one’s for all the puzzle lovers. With a reasonable amount of planning, strategy and physics involved, Roll the Ball is sure to challenge your brain. The game, as the name suggests, requires you to roll the ball from the start point to the goal. Of course, there are obstacles galore and tiles that can’t be moved. So it’s up to you to try and get past all those challenges. As you progress, the tile volume increases, setting the bar higher.


Plants vs Zombies 2

A classic free to play game, Plants vs Zombies 2 is the kind that gets addictive quickly. So be warned. The game lets you use assorted plants to defeat an approaching zombie army. A well-balanced strategy game, each level has its own set of challenges and unique features. Unlike most other free games this one doesn’t force down multiple in-app purchases down your throat to let you proceed. A big positive now, isn’t it?



As the name suggests, this is a block stacking game that requires good timing and skill. This simple game comes with its fair share of action, and is perfect for those looking to pass time. The game requires you to stack tiles to build a tower; a little off and the whole thing can collapse. As you progress you unlock gems that aid in building the tower. So go ahead, and build that castle.

by Sanjay k bissoyi

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