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Glimpses Of Sama Veda

Updated: September 21, 2013 1:07 pm

The Low of the Cow

With the udder filled with milk, the cow is lowing in her usual way: ‘Hamba’. The sound reaches the ears of the calf who immediately runs crying ‘ma’, ‘ma’ and pushes her mouth at the udder. The whole day, the mother cow has been away. As the sun in the sky is setting, the fortune of the calf rises. It comes running in speed and stands close to its mother pronouncing om…aum. The sound of ‘a’ is uttered while opening the mouth leading to ‘u’ and finally while closing the lips, it merges in the utterance ‘m’.

The verse says: All sounds of the world are only a reflection of the syllable ‘om’. In the sound of thundering cloud, the silent night or the starry sky, everywhere the sound of ‘om’ is reflected. The living and the non-living all become active by the nectar of ‘omkar’ sound. The inaudible sound of ‘omkar’ is hidden in every activity of the creation.

The first word emanating out of the lips of the newborn child is ‘om’—so simple, yet so deep and meaningful. ‘a’ stands for god, ‘u’ stands for soul and ‘m’ stands for matter. The hunger of the calf is not for the milk but for the sound of ‘om’. It becomes restless and gets excited for that mysterious sound.

The Mental Yajna

The devout sacrificer performs fire ritual daily by lighting fire, cherishing the hope that the burning fire of the sacrificial altar will one day ignite his soul. The spirit of surrender will, surely, exhilarate his thoughts.

Fire-ritual inspires life and helps the growth of self-illumination. It rouses auspicious and divine feelings in the mind of the devotee. The verse says, “O Lord, I am lighting the fire of good thoughts in the altar of self. The spiritual dawn is emerging in my heart its shine will kill all my evil thoughts. May I be part of your divine creation. May I myself be transformed as the pure altar of sacred fire. May divinity flow in me. May that purify my body and mind. As the fire ritual purifies all corners, likewise may the rays of dedication sanctify all my organs of the body. May my body be transformed to a piece of sacred wood meant for fire-ritual. May that be reduced to ashes after emitting fragrance in all directions. May every action of mine
echo the spirit of dedication- svaha: I surrender.”

By Priyavrata Das

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