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Giving A Man His Due

Updated: May 4, 2013 2:46 pm

The Minister of State for Power, Jyotiraditya Scindia had organised a felicitation function for the top ten power companies in the public sector. The CEOs of these companies were invited to the capital for the ceremony and awards function. However, at the last moment the babus realised the best three performing companies were from Gujarat.

The anathema that Narendra Modi is for the Congress is evident from the fact that the function was immediately cancelled. There was no way in which the NDA government would give any credit to Modi. Scindia called the other seven CEOs and personally asked them to go back. The miffed Minister then ticked of his Secretary who was blamed for not letting him know of this anomaly earlier.

Short-Changed Somaiya

He was the BJP’s Man Friday when framing corruption charges against the opposition was required. Dr. Kirit Somaiya has an unstinted career in the party as the crusader against corruption and wrong doings of the opposition. He was part of nearly every anti-corruption movement launched by the party. In fact, he was the watch dog for the party and comprised the inner think tank. Somaiya has now been snubbed and found no place in Rajnath’s new team.

Even though he is a qualified chartered accountant and a popular leader, he was sidelined due to his exposes on his own party men. What rubbed salt to the wounds was that novice Poonam Mahajan was elevated as a National Secretary. The BJP could have done well with the inclusion of some intellectuals in the team.

The Two Vijays

Octogenarian   BJP leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra has thrown his hat into the ring for the coming polls in Delhi. The veteran leader was in the fray for the Chief Minister’s post even during the last elections. Even his son is a possible contender from a prime constituency. The leader is loud and clear about his chief ministerial ambitions, and feels that he is the natural choice. Malhotra is from the old Jan Sangh breed and had served time in jail during the Emergency.

The party rank and file in Delhi is a confused lot as Vijay Goel, the newly declared president, has made it clear that the party will go to the polls with him as the projected CM. He has already kickstarted his campaign for the Delhi Assembly elections, due later this year.

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