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Ghost of Lokpal haunts across nation A Close Call

Updated: September 3, 2011 5:50 pm



Combating corruption in one voice is the call of the country where a titanic crowd of people of different sizes, shapes and ages took to the street to support the cause voiced by Anna Hazare. The wave ran across the country where the whole nation comprising students, lawyers, teachers, professionals, even retired servicemen, aged people and women from the kitchen walked shoulder to shoulder to exhibit their support to this crusader. The battle pitched against the government, its guardians and the ‘coterie’ is catching fever on a high pitch not only scorching the aam aadmi but also sucking him for his hard earned money to stash away in overseas coffers. Now the same sufferers battling and begging for their survival have begun to understand the game mired with corruption and black money, now the mask once fixed seems to be peeling off. This vampire is almost eating into the vitals of the country’s fabric.

                The whole nation is now focussed on one man and of course one issue not a new one, but the innocent have woken up lately, cutting up a slice from the year 1969 the Bill was very much there but it did not catch much heat for reasons, voices did rise but they did not show solidarity and fell feeble enough to be auditioned amidst the political din.

                The idea of a Lokpal is 50 years old and was well debated by Swatantra Party Member of Lok Sabha from Kalahandi in Orissa P K Deo in August 1969. This demanded for an ombudsman type institution to check corruption in the administrative corridors and it was reiterated at every national convention. “The institution of the ombudsman is one of the main planks of the Swatantra Party platform and we have been agitating for it” Deo declared.Things have not changed over these years, rather it has turned even worse.

                The grand old Gandhian has taught a tough lesson to the grand old political party the Congress that claims to safeguard the norms of democracy of the highest order. The print media and the twenty-four hour news channels have exposed the real face of the UPA Government. India seems to be rising to the occasion and is going all-out on Social Media to support Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal bill. Celebrities have joined the cause and have used mass media and their personal twitter accounts to support the movement for which Anna Hazare has announced a fast unto death.

                Anna continues his indefinite fast in Tihar jail for the introduction of Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament. Let this be reiterated that the demand for holding fast at JP park or Ramlila Maidan is not the central issue, as the indefinite fast is just a means to an end. The end objective, which lakhs of people in the streets also demand, a is strong anti-corruption law. Jan Lokpal Bill should be tabled in the parliament as we realise that Standing Committee of in parliament cannot alter the scope of presently tabled government’s Lokpal Bill much. Besides, the recommendations of standing committee are not binding on the government. Therefore even through the present parliamentary course of action, a fair discussion on the Lokpal Bill issue is not possible. Thus Anna’s demand for indefinite fast stands, that the Jan Lokpal Bill should also be tabled in the parliament.

                We are unfortunate that the Congress supermo is not in the vicinity to see yet another August Kranti. Her reliable four soldiers, including Rahul Gandhi, must convey the Big Boss of Congress the nation’s pulse. The Congress which was earlier playing safe with Anna movement is now in the soup. The explanation regarding the arrest of Anna by the PM Dr Manmohan Singh and his cabinet colleague Mr Chidambaram in the Parliament was simply rejected by all. The nation is in no mood to bear the burden of the corrupt politicians as the UPA Government was a mute spectator when the state treasury was looted by its ministers on different occasions. Crores of Annas are born from Left, Right and Centre. Congress may see the conspiracy of a foreign hand, or the RSS, but there is a strong indication for a change in the system of the government. The government may have to face a no confidence motion, if the situation arises, as it looks now. The way the agitation gaining momentum, it looks the Congress has no alternative but to bite the dust. There is a strong anti-Congress sentiment across the nation after the arrest of Anna Saheb. Even the cadres of the Congress party may not like it. The Congress is not getting it right while dealing with mass agitation launched by either Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare. Ramdev Baba already fell victim to the UPA Government. Sri Sri Ravishankar also met Anna Saheb in Tihar Jail and condemned the arrest. Politics is good only when people support it. So it is high time the Congress party asked the PM to clear up the mess. The Congress may have to pay a heavy price in the coming elections, if the memory of the people in India lasts long. Enough is enough!

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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