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Genesis of Samajwadi Schism

Updated: November 4, 2016 11:45 am

Now that the ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh is at the verge of a split, a dispassionate analysis is in order. The Samajwadi Party got majority in the 2012 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections and the natural choice for the chief minister was Shivpal Yadav. He performed all responsibilities shoulder to shoulder with his elder brother Mulayam Singh Yadav. When Mulayam chose his son Akhilesh, ignoring the claim of his brother, everybody including Shivpal gladly accepted it. Therefore in exchange, Shivpal was given important ministries. The happiest person then was Ram Gopal Yadav, who was confident of being downsized if Shivpal became CM.

After this, things went smoothly, Akhilesh was happy with chief ministership, Shivpal was holding the most creamy ministries. They did not interfere in each other’s work. The only problem occasionally was created by Azam Khan, a senior member of the Akhilesh cabinet and party’s Muslim face. He did this to show his strength and to get plum posting for his people. Ram Gopal has never been easy all these years since his importance in the government reduced remarkably. In the meanwhile, another centre of power emerged in the government when Anita Singh, a senior IAS officer, known as Mulayam’s person, took over as the principal secretary to CM. Although Akhilesh was always adamant not to keep her in his office, Mulayam put down his foot. Now, Ram Gopal became dependant on CM only for petty works. Shivpal and Anita Singh didn’t bother Ram Gopal, and Azam Khan has been able to move well along all the power centres.

Amar Singh, having been expelled from the party, was trying his best to come back in the party. Also Mulayam was looking for an opportunity to take him back, but Azam Khan was opposing his entry tooth and nail, so was Ram Gopal Yadav. But Ram Gopal did not have the courage to oppose Mulayam Singh openly. However, the episode of Amar Singh’s entry in the party brought these two leaders even closer. As a part of the conspiracy,  the duo of Ram Gopal Yadav and Azam Khan, having been failed in convincing Netaji ( Mulayam Singh) to stop the entry of Amar Singh, started misguiding Akhilesh Yadav. The enmity of Azam Khan with Amar Singh was well known as was the jealousy of Ram Gopal with Shivpal Yadav. They started poisoning Akhilesh against Amar Singh, on the other hand, Shivpal accepted Amar Singh’s entry in the party on order of his leader and mentor Mulayam Singh. Here it was only Shivpal who did not create any problem for the selection of Amar Singh to Rajya Sabha. Now Amar Singh has to face the open and silent opposition of the trio–Ram Gopal, Azam Khan and Akhilesh.

Neither of Mulayam’s men–Amar Singh, Shivpal and Anita Singh–was interested in destabilising the Akhilesh government. Shivpal was enjoying the cream of the most important and paying departments as the minister, Amar Singh already got Rajya Sabha and Anita Singh was also well settled.

The only persons feeling the most uncomfortable were Ram Gopal and Azam Khan. Both were worried for their reducing political clout day by day. They joined hands and found this inexperienced Chief Minister Akhilesh as an easy target. Jayaprada a close associate of Amar Singh was also adjusted in the government, which was enough to show Amar Singh’s influence. Azam Khan could not digest Jayaprada’s elevation, as Jayaprada’s area of politics is western UP which is also his area. Since Ram Gopal had a direct and easy access to Mulayam and Akhilesh, he started his game of creating a wedge between son and father. Mulayam criticised working of Akhilesh and his government many a time. Ram Gopal, by adding the fuel, warned Akhilesh that his father is destroying his image on the behest of Amar Singh and Shivpal. And this made Akhilesh to distance himself from his father and uncle.

A well-experienced octogenarian politician noted that the Akhilesh government’s prestige is going down day by day and SP leaders are looting and grabbing lands. SP thugs are engaged in illegal mining and government officials are indulged in taking bribes. He preferred to warn Akhilesh and Mulayam to not hesitate to bring these immoral and corrupt activities of SP leaders and MLAs to the notice of the CM Akhilesh publicly through the media.

The warnings of Mulayam to Akhilesh gave ample opportunities to Ram Gopal to poison Akhilesh’s mind against his father. As of today, the Akhilesh government’s image is of a corrupt and gunda government in the eyes of public. It is sheer delusion on part of Akhilesh to consider himself a popular chief minister. Mulayam warned Akhilesh that “you are in a coterie of chamchas,  “you would be deceived by these chamchas” “Akhilesh find time to listen to grievances of people”, “Akhilesh if you don’t meet people, you will be left alone one day”. And the last most lethal language of his warning to Akhilesh this year was: “Ministers are looting the state, the CM is busy in small time affairs. Stop grabbing of lands by SP leaders.” Akhilesh did not pay any attention to his father’s advices and what is happening in the Samajwadi Party is there for all to see.

by Dr. Vijay Khaira

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