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Gen V. K. Singh Plunges Again In Controversy

Updated: April 25, 2015 1:04 pm

An umbilical cord seems to join the Union minister General V K Singh—the retired Army Chief—and controversies. It seems he remains unhappy and possibly desolate until a controversy rages with him as the central figure. He ran into a fresh row when he was criticised by several political parties for describing the media as ‘presstitutes’. While the Congress said his comments were “deplorable” and showed his “insensitivity”, the Left said they reflected the minister’s mindset.

The remark, made in a tweet, followed a press briefing in Djibouti in which the former Army chief raised eyebrows for saying that visiting the Pakistani high commission was more exciting than conducting rescue operations in Yemen. Singh was camping in Djibouti to oversee evacuation of Indians from Yemen. Apparently, he was taking a dig at a section of the media which had criticised him for attending Pakistan Day celebrations.

As social media began commenting about the remark, Singh tweeted, “Friends what do you expect from presstitutes.” Last month, Singh had racked up a controversy by tweeting with the hashtag ‘DISGUST’ after attending the Pakistan Day celebrations in New Delhi. Shortly after representing the government at the national day reception at Pakistan High Commission, Singh had issued a series of intriguing tweets defining “disgust” and “duty”.

Gen Singh’s faux pas will be forgotten with time, but when he puts his foot in the mouth again all of them would be repeated again. Seems the General has malicious pleasure seeing his named dragged into yet another controversy.

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