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Gay in Love

Updated: February 26, 2016 2:02 pm

There are two cases pending in the Supreme Court. One is for revocation of Article 370 which gives special status to J&K. It has divided the rightists in both the communities. It has caused division between many like Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims in the Valley.

But now Article 377 relating to homosexuality is also before the Supreme Court. And unlike the division over Article 370, the imams, maulvi and pandits, swamis, sadhus and Catholic priests are all united. They advocate friendship between man and man but not love, which is unnatural.

They should watch the annual gay parade in New York. The turn-out of New Yorkers to watch the parade was amazing. But the point to note is that no one jeers or makes fun. Most in the West believe live and let live.

On being asked a New Yorker said it happens naturally. Because of lack of accommodation and exorbitant rents, naturally more people share rooms or flats, which means men share with men and women with women. The relationships thus develop between both men and men and women and women. It develops naturally.

There is no such problem in India but gays in India are in huge numbers. And if the heterosexuals sing pyar ko pyar hi rahne do koi naam na do, gays can always sing pyaar kiya to darna kya, while they wait for the decision of the Supreme Court.

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