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Future Of Modi-Haters

Updated: May 31, 2014 5:22 pm

Modi-baiters had so far a lucrative occupation, which flourished with the foreign aid, under-the- table help and encouragement by government, political rivals and organisations in India and beyond its shores. Apart from the foreign-funded NGOs and the media barons and commentators who sold their souls for befriending the Establishment, there is a surfeit of professionals—academics, lawyers mostly—business magnates and a motley group of artistes, activists, and socialists and a few prominent persons who try to prove how much they are concerned about the poor. This is best done by attacking the “right-wing” Modi and his Adanis and Co.

These campaigners seem to have inexhaustible supply of money and have support from many powerful quarters. Status quoists, most are well-entrenched in the system. They hated the very thought of someone like Modi, a low caste and not educated in a public school becoming India’s prime minister. They have been creative and innovative in bringing out new charges against Modi. .

In fact the neo-liberals, self-anointed, intellectuals, the media and the Left were the first to raise voice against Modi. In 2012 when Gujarat’s assembly polls were due. Fareed Zakaria wrote: “Modi is unlikely to become a national leader, by December (2012) he might not even be a regional leader.” Nearer home Mani Shanker Aiyer said he could promise that Modi would not be prime minister in the 21st   century. How did these gentlemen reach such conclusions? Zakaria even hoped Modi would be ousted in the 2012 state election. Aiyer possibly hated and looked down upon Modi because he was a chaiwallah and did not study at St Stephens. But would they say something now—ridicule the voter who preferred a chaiwallah Modi to Rahul, a thoroughbred from the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.

The Zakarias and the Aiyers should note that India lives by rules and values that were tuned for centuries. They are the sentinels of secularism and safety of India. Now that their pet hate-obsession is in power, would they be “dealt” with.?

Such persons are likely to be simply ignored—the worst kind of punishment for such English-speaking elite who cannot breath if they are not “news” or Page 3. The whole tribe of the likes of Jayanti Natrajan, Lalu Yadav , Nitish Kumar, the TV channel owners and print media barons and hundreds of foreign-aided NGOs kept the frying pan hot, to sizzle Modi. Lalu declared that if he could detain LK Advani (when he was going to Ayodhya), it would be easier to break his chela, that is Modi’s march to power.

31-05-2014Fareed Zakaria’s and Aiyer’s conviction reflected the state of denial of the elite that a lowly born Modi could ever hope to become a national leader. Others hated him because they looked at him through the prism of Godhra riots and refused to accept the fact that since 2002 no riots happened in the state. Nor did they give any credence to the fact that Gujarat had become a highly developed state and foreign investors were flocking there.

Teesta Setalvad, her husband, the late Murli Sinha, Sanjeev Bhatt and others meanwhile formed a malign brigade. They accelerated their tempo following a very clever strategy of Modi. He came out from Gujarat and gave a series of high profile speeches starting with the one at the Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in Delhi which drew the most national media attention. This was his way of introducing himself to the national audience. India started to understand him and people began to doubt the claims by the likes of Teesta.

With every speech, for which the audiences and venues were carefully chosen, Modi inched toward the national stage. By mid-2013, he was accepted as a national leader.

His main rival, the Congress Party, sensed the danger from him and started outsourcing attempts to smear him. A motley group of anti-Modi NGOs who had already run out of steam on the 2002 riots issue was picked up to decry the Gujarat model and paint Modi a “liar” and a “feku”.

Congress’s Dirty Tricks Department churned out the likes of Snoopgate and the yarns about his “fascist and dictatorial” attitude and style of working. The “discovery” of his marriage and of his wife was considered to be an Ace which would trump him, and put him out of the race to become prime minister. Kapil Sibal immediately demanded that Election Commission disqualify him from elections retrospectively.

The campaign to besmirch and stop him hit a blockade when despite opposition from LK Advani and his cohorts Modi was declared the BJP’s Campaign Committee Chairmargan in June of 2013 at the BJP’s National Executive in Goa.

The Congress and the Yadavs and Nitishs were becoming increasingly paranoid and frustrated as nothing was affecting Modi. He seemed to have a Telefon Touch.

Top Congress leaders took to abusing him. Even Sonia Gandhi said he was cultivator of fields of blood. The opposition seemed to be seized by schizophrenia.

When Modi was declared BJP’s prime minister nominee no-holds-barred war broke out. All sorts of charges were made and allegedly institutions misused to hang some criminal charges on him. First all-out attempt was to embroil him in Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case. The anti-Modi media went to town and judged’ him guilty. But then IB said that she was LeT operative and that put a spoke in attempts to fix Modi.

The Congress encouraged a tussle between CBI and IB. This had the potential of ruining India’s intelligence network. The Congress strategists then found Arvind Kejriwal’s shoulder good enough to shoot at Modi and limit the BJP’s number of seats in the Lok Sabha. But AAP crumbled like house of cards.

“Every corrupt journalistic practice that could be employed to sabotage Modi was used by the entire MSM. In case you forgot, after the Delhi elections they all screamed “Will Arvind Kejriwal halt Modi’s march?”, wrote Ravinar.

“Since then they projected Arvind Kejriwal as the PM candidate sent directly by God. AK got carried away with all this media hype and started challenging Modi to all sorts of things; from debates to data about Gujarat. I feel sorry for AK because he lost his head because of media morons who played him up as the saviour.”

All the plans to halt Modi towards the top gaddi, the charges of worst kind, abuses that bordered on libel and the media cronies trumpeting everything that could hurt Modi was negated by the amazing criss-crossing of the country by Modi, to hold almost 500 rallies and address hundreds of thousands of people. He covered 300,000 miles which means going round the world seven times. He tried to sell the dream of development on 3D relays. And he succeeded!

Now with Modi’s march to the Prime Minister’s Chamber approved by the masses, the Stop Modi campaigners would be jobless. The Congress would not ‘help’ Teesta nor could it promise a deputy DG position to Bhatt. The Foreign funds would dry up. Most of his active and virulent critics have enough shady past and legal pitfalls to dread. The others will face music from those who would like to prove more loyal than the king.

A chapter of Modi’s India has opened, he would prefer to keep its pages clean. Teestas and Snoopgates will get what they deserve.

By Vijay Dutt

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