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From Negative Consciousness To God Consciousness

Updated: June 25, 2011 4:46 pm

Mother Earth is presently going through an excellent period; some refer to it as the Golden Age, whereby God consciousness is sweeping humanity like never before in a long time. World over there is a tremendous spiritual awakening.

I wish to share a beautiful quotation from a great Tibetan Master known as Djwhal Khul, who was in physicality in the late Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century. He says: “God is not this; God is not that; God is no thing; God is neither time nor space; God is not a feeling or thought; God is not form or substance. God simply is. God is—apart from all expression and manifestation—as the manipulator of energy, the creator of the tangible and intangible worlds, the pervader of life, or the indweller in all forms. God is one who can withdraw and, in withdrawing, dispel, dissipate and devitalise all that has been created. …”

We are a piece of God walking on earth in lesson; this is the wisdom of the golden age, which needs to be realised. Man searches for God always in every embodiment; this is simply because humans on earth suffer from home sickness that reflects the absence of connection and communication with God while they are in lesson on earth. It is a global yet basic cellular desire of a human. Due to this global yet latent desire of every human, the spiritual teachers, gurus and masters are keenly sought after for possible answers and guidance. This gives rise to spiritual groups, gurus’ congregations, schools or organisations of spirituality, but even then why is there still so much of chaos, distrust, misery and pain among the human race. The chaos and disharmony still exists, in spite of the golden age of spiritual awakening. This is because of negative egos in humans, in sects, gurus, organisations and groups.

Negative ego comes when we humans are hopelessly divided and disintegrated by various thought forms, belief systems and patterns. When human consciousness is disintegrated, how can humans know God? To know God the humans should come out from negative ego of fear, hurt, anger, jealousy, etc. Only the integrated and undivided consciousness of human can experience God. From where did this negative ego or negative patterns come from in humans? Man is the only creature having the ability to think, and the human mind’s thinking has put him in illusion about his separateness from God. This illusion of being, separate from God, creates the negative ego in man. Identifying oneself not as sons and daughters of God but rather thinking oneself merely as the physical body develops the negative ego. Negative ego is nothing but faulty thinking.

In this golden age, as the humans are advancing spiritually at a very good rate, however, their mental, emotional and physical levels are not keeping pace with the change. Because of this, even if one is spiritually evolved he/she is necessarily not away from false ego, pride, anger, hurt, obstinacy, etc., and is not emotionally balanced or psychologically strong. That is why the great ascended masters ask us not to be judgemental about others, especially, with regard to their spirituality and spiritual wisdom.

Now, what is negative ego? Humans who live in negative ego could be ego maniacs, full of anger and mistrust, have inferiority or superiority complex, chronically sick or physically ill, always an emotional victim or have a poor me approach, have no inner peace, always complaining, thinking of not having enough of wealth and prosperity, constantly fighting with others, lack of love, rigid, full of pride, selfish, etc. Without clearing such negative and ego-based patterns, one cannot attain peace and balance in life. A person tries hard to attain peace by simply joining some spiritual group, or taking a diksha or initiation from a guru, since he is unable to fight with his own ego and inner negativities, he feels defeated and thinks either the spiritual teaching is of no use to him or he blames the teacher/or the guru. That is how a person gets disinterested and runs from one spiritual group to the other, till he finds that he himself is creating unhappiness because of his negative patterns. Such negativity mainly is due to lack of love.

Whenever a negative thought enters your mind just push it out by denying it entry. Please remember, no guru or God will do this for you, no matter how sincerely you ask. You alone have to deal with your own negativities for self-improvement. Don’t give too much space to negative thoughts. If you give too much importance or thought you tend to give energy to your negative thoughts. By denying entrance to these negative thoughts and keeping your mind steady in the light of God, the negative ego or such thoughts would die from lack of energy, and slowly new positive energy would permeate in. This wisdom brings the understanding where a human starts interpreting every lesson or negative emotions with harmony and positive feeling.

One should learn to stand outside of one’s negative ego or personal weakness and finally rise above it. Each negative thought distances us from God. One should be honest and ready for all kinds of spiritual tests. It is obvious that the tests would come only during emergencies and whether you are able to qualify it or not, that is the spiritual game of the entire lifetime. Due to our habits, the human consciousness gets tainted with negativity and ego. For example, can you stay out of hurt and self-pity when someone steals from you your precious possessions? Can you still smile when someone insults you?

Like this there are many tests to conquer your negative consciousness and reach to God consciousness. To pass these tests, the mind should be vigilant. The vigilant mind will deny negativity to settle inside the conscious and subconscious portals of our mind. This way it will help in clearing the negative ego, negative thoughts, negative patterns, negative behaviour and negative speech. One of the ways to improve your personality and getting rid of negativity is by associating with a group of positive and like-minded people. It is even better to be a part of a spiritual group of like-minded people. After initial growth a disciple or a person may develop ego about his growth and powers and tries to isolate himself from like-minded people. If one wants to change or evolve alone, then one needs to hit the forest or caves—or become a monk—where one can live in seclusion. For others it is highly recommended that they stick to a group of like-minded people where honestly one can correct each other, and where one learns to expand, serve and interact positively with each other and evolve collectively. Being together in the group could be for the purposes of creating a positive group consciousness, doing things together and sharing, serving, meditating, praying, learning, discussing, etc. In a group, interdependence is a positive attribute and brings in a feeling of family, love and cooperation. In the group we learn to support each other, have patience, forgive one another, help, serve, be non-judgmental, etc., such positive attributes expands the consciousness of all the group members. The expansion of positive consciousness brings about transformation.

Human should overcome their negative patterns, especially ego, for God and/or self-realisation. Try not to be a faultfinder. Man does not commit sins but only mistakes. God does not judge humans for he is pure and knows no judgement. So, learn to live in innocence of God and to rectify the mistakes rather than feel miserable and guilty. Never fear that you are alone, you are always in the presence of God. Never live in this illusion that you are powerless.

In a properly focussed spiritual life there is no room for negative patterns, negative behaviour and negative ego. With spiritual wisdom, one can change the negative patterns into positive patterns. This brings a total transformation in the personality. Fear can be changed by love; grudge into forgiveness, guilt of sin should be replaced by innocence of God, which will declare that the sin was a mistake, conditional love into unconditional love, self-denial with self-centredness and many more. The change in negative human patterns can be worked out by keeping the mind vigilant, steady in the light of God and constantly reprogramming your mind with God consciousness. To avoid intrusion of negative patterns into our mind, ‘keep the Mind steady in the Light’.

Visualise that you are engulfed in a golden bubble of light, where neither negativity nor negative pattern can penetrate. Visualise your heart is full of pink clouds and all the negativity is replaced by this pink clouds—which are nothing but love of God. Request your brain to reprogramme all negative patterns, thoughts and qualities with healthy and positive thoughts. Or just call and speak to the masters and ask them to take charge. You can also invoke the pure flame of God to sweep around you to remove all impurities of mind and body. It you take even one of the suggestions seriously and practice it, the negative pattern within you can be arrested permanently, thereby bringing a complete transformation of the personality. Humans can achieve God by overcoming negative patterns and ego by the power of love. God is love, and love is the most powerful force in the universe.

By Maa Syama

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