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From Maut ke saudagar to khoon ke Dalal?

Updated: October 21, 2016 12:30 pm

We had three earth-shaking slogans in the last ten years. The first was maut ka saudagar. The saudagar, according to the Congress, was none other than Narendra Modi  the then the chief minister of Gujarat.  Sonia Gandhi delivered the punch line with great panache. But, the effect she wanted was not achieved. Modi won.

The second in the series was jeher ki kheti. This was Sonia’s slogan during 2014 campaigning. The result; Congress was reduced to a rump.

The third slogan khoon ke dalal was seemingly written for Rahul. It is not clear what does it mean and does it apply to Modi. But it has already cost Congress heavy. All of them have allegedly written by a noted  lyricist. Why do  Gandhis depend on him  because no one else is willing to

do their dirty job?

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