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Four Stages of  Spiritual Growth

Updated: May 18, 2018 2:10 pm

 Integration of Value in the personality

The  fourth and final stage is tatparayanah. It is like a river flowing towards the ocean. you cannot change the direction of the river; you may turn it here and there , but ultimately it is moving towards the ocean alone. It has gathered its power and dynamism from the heights of the mountain, and now you cannot divert it any more. Similarly, those who are tatparayanah, are constantly dedicated to their ideal and live it in spite of the opposition around them. Whatever be the environment  or circumstances. They sacrifice everything to live up to their own conviction all the time. Mahatma Gandhi first got the idea of non- violence from the Gita.  Them he lived it so completely, so fully, that it became a part and parcel of his personality. Whatever he thought was non- violent, whatever he did was non-violent – he became an embodiment of non- violence.


Learn to rise yourself

Lift your intellect away from your stomach.  At this moment it is below the belly .  In tamil, they say vayattupizaippu for the sake of the belly. All that an average person want is food. He thinks only in terms of what he can get out of a given circumstance. His aim is to acquire and keep and accumulate some more. In this stage, the intellect is at the basest level. We have to lift it up, lift the intellect into healthier heights and climates, to healthier and nobler visions of life which are not merely utopian ideals, but ideals that have been brought into the warp and woof of the daily life of our nation.


Role of  Chinmaya Mission

Really speaking, these great ideas should be instilled in our intellect by the educational system itself. But our country has not yet come to accept these fundamental scientific truths as part and parcel of the inheritance of this great nation. We cannot afford to wait until those who are responsible for the educational system in this country come to understand this great grand Truth. We must start somewhere. Our mission now is to discover the heart of the country, to discover the nation’s cultural backbone, so that we can recognize and experience, or at least detect the possibilities of a greater ideal in ourselves. It is this that the mission has been working for. In the mission, now we are only studying and discussing among ourselves, and trying to understand the cultural heritage of India.

As a result of attending the various yajnas and listening to the talk on various Upanishads and different chapters of the Gita, the ideas are already there in your intellect, whether you like it or not. It has to become part and parcel of yourself. At this moment, you know them only as “Gita says so,”  “upanishad says so,” or “swami told us like this.” It is swami’s ideas, upanishad’s ideas, Gita’s ideas. Your knowledge of what someone else has got does not make it yours! The income tax officer does not become rich by knowing how much money other people earned last year! You have to earn your own riches. So also, swami’s ideas are his alone , the gita idea’s are those of the gitacharya, and the Upanishad’s ideas are those of the Rishis. These ideas have to become yours through careful analysis, discussion and understanding. Therefore, we have the various study groups, wherein you can talk about them, discuss among yourselves and think deeply over them. Only in this way, a little of the shine of the Upanishads can become yours.

By H.H. Swami Chinmayananda


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