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Based on Vedic Sun

Week Beginning On March 29 to April 04, 2015


April 14 to May 14

While you work in a disciplined atmosphere fired with imagination you are able to tap into a dormant talent. Emotions too are on an even keel which will help you deal with people who are not entirely supportive. Family life brightens up as plans get underway.



May 15 to June 15

A new project can be initiated which will find you getting involved in its multiple facets. A renewed job would search also yield heartening results. Networking with people from diverse fields will be like a breath of fresh air. You could also consider touching base with someone from the past.


June 16 to July 15

For entrepreneurs and those in business, something exciting can catch your eye and awaken the desire to follow your heart and your head backs your decision. The temptation to splurge will be apparent so go easy on impulsive buys. Travel too yield good results. Don’t put off taking action on a key issue.



July 16 to Aug 15

The focus would be on communications which will open up new channels. You can win over detractors and critics. You would be in your element in group activities but take care not to step on toes. Some personal projects might require practical attention; getting little details cleared up and out of the way.



Aug 16 to Sep 15

Act with confidence, trust your emotions and have faith in your ideas. You may enlist the help of colleagues to make headway in a pending matter. Question issues and debate facts to gain clarity. Travel will be favourable and will boost your plans. Intellectual activities can light a new spark in an old friendship.



Sep 16 to Oct 15

Progressive developments make for a wonderful phase. You are realistic, but are also determined to succeed. Cultural, intellectual and philosophical exchanges could give you a new and refreshing perspective on a personal dream or goal. Factor in some unexpected financial gains as well as some love and romance this week.



Oct 16 to Nov 15

Putting your nose to the grindstone should be particularly easy, and the time you invest would reap abundant rewards. Targeting improvements in your work area could also spur some quick results. Be sure to communicate and do not leave things to chance. Good news brings in elation in the family.



Nov 16 to Dec 15

You find yourself in the midst of several activities and happenings, however, there is a possibility of errors of distraction Nonetheless, it is your ability to refocus that will help you bring your thoughts and actions into alignment. Taking up a creative project can be enormously liberating. Give your health due attention.



Dec 16 to Jan 13

New and exciting opportunities to earn some more money come your way perhaps through new fields that are opening up. Your sense of adventure is very high and your reserve takes a back seat. You seem ready to take a leap. You open up to someone special and a romantic affair ensues.



Jan 14 to Feb11

Solution of complex problems will be found and you can impress others as you bring radical solutions to the table. However, don’t let emotions cloud your thinking and retain objectivity. Domestic affairs and a renewed interest can bring intellectual stimulation and boost your interest in a previous project or short-range development.



Feb 12 to March 13

You may be approaching a point to see a dream materialise. Business and professional success through creativity is strongly indicated at this time as you adopt a fresh approach and can get your point across effectively. A shrewd investment or sale or purchase would net you some gains. Romance gains momentum.



March 14 to April 13

Filled with dynamic energy and self-confidence, you would be at the cusp of a breakthrough. This energy may be beneficial for pushing forward ideas or even asking for a raise or a prestigious assignment. Pace yourself, and make sure you’re taking the time to organise and plan at work and at home.


Ajai Bhambi

By  Ajay Bhambi

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