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Week Beginning On June 15, 2013


March 20 to April 19

Your house/ office if under construction/ renovation is likely to be on fast track and heavy expenditure is expected. But don’t get panicky as it will give you results. There will be a tendency of ignoring regular medicines and getting appropriate medical tests which may be avoided and taken care of otherwise some such problems are possible during this week. You are likely to get appreciation of the work done by you at office.


April 20 to May 19

You must strictly avoid confrontation at your job/ workplace. The more you argue the more you will be proved wrong because of unfavorable time wave. You are suggested to just leave the place asking excuse and all will automatically realise and become friendly. If you work in the government organisation, your work will be shadowed but don’t feel discouraged as rewards will come after the shadow goes off.


May 20 to June 19

If you have blood related diseases, you must undergo relevant tests done during this week to take measures to revert to fitness which you have been ignoring. You may face a tough time if working in government sector. Others working in Public/ Private sector may be careful about fire and electricity hazards. In general, this week will tire you. Also you may plan purchase / replacement of vehicle.


June 20 to July 19

If you are in politics there are bright chances as elders have felt your effectiveness. You must avoid the unnecessary sexual attractions as these will bring down your social prestige/ level. Software engineers may find achievements in their work or financial level upgradation. Tendency of excessive expenditure may be controlled.


July 20 to Aug 14

Your mother, if alive, is likely to fall sick seriously if special care is not taken. Avoid sale of property

as it will not give gains. You may get promotion/ appreciation at your workplace. You are likely to be overstrained during daily routine work during this week.


Aug 15 to Sept 19

It is a good time for you to plan for expansion of your business as good ideas will descend and friend circle will assist you. Don’t forget to consult your wife or business partner. Avoid heatstroke and showers of rains/ water. You may be careful but go ahead without arguments as someone might oppose your progress at your work/ business place.


Sept 20 to Oct 19

You might be visiting holy places or educational institutions and such visits must be fully utilised with out hurrying up. Time is favorable for writing work like articles/ poems/ novels or such sort.


Oct 20 to Nov 19

If you are passing from sadesati, you must do Shani pooja. This period can do damages and can also take you to the top if properly handled with Shani pooja and remedies. You might come across hurdles even for small and petty matters. Be careful about health of your spouse as he/ she is strained due to some worries which appear difficult to be resolved.


Nov 20 to Dec 19

You are likely to recover old stuck money or unexpected money related to property. Sudden demand of loan by someone close to you, must be avoided as it will not come back to you. You need to take care of blood related problems. Help from government sector is expected if you apply during this week. You may get good news of your success in exams/tests etc.


Dec 20 to Jan 19

You should be careful about loss/ theft caused due to a worker working with you. You may update your locking/ supervision arrangements. Use your tendency to learn relig-ious/ spiritual practices. You may be required to proceed on a long travel.


Jan 20 to Feb 19

You should be careful if you are pregnant. Your brother will come to your great help at the tough time that you are likely to have during this week. Change of your residence is expected. Your studies may be disturbed for a short time. Routine tests of your health/ body are likely to slip which may be avoided.


Feb 20 to March 19

You may hear some problems from the families of your brother(s)/ sister(s) but will be resolved after

giving time in a patient manner. You are likely to be strained in routine work and birth of a female child is expected in your family/ fast friend circle.

 By Astrologer Mohan Lal Batra

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