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Week Beginning On June 22, 2013


March 21 to April 20

You are likely to be worried for your house this week but your fast friends or your brothers are likely to help you get rid of mental tension. Change of your residence is expected to take place but if you are already living far away from your office, giving your house on rent and your own living in a rented accommodation near to your office, will be beneficial.


April 21 to May 20

You may get into serious situation if your anger is not controlled. This week must water your Tulsi plant at home which is a remedy and may help you. Also please be careful about damages to your assets and body. The advice of your mother will be found useful. Also be careful in dealing with loans.


May 21 to June 20

You will be comfortable on office work as your plans have proved successful to a great extent. But you are supposed to be careful for rash driving by you or your driver. You may check all your insurance policies for their renewal in time. Your brother or a nearby relative is likely to be seriously sick or hospitalized.


June 21 to July 22

Maybe you or somebody in your family is likely to have a baby birth after medical difficulties which would be overcome after some worrisome time period. Some transfer in your workplace is likely either by you or a senior may arrive in your division. You are cautioned to avoid the unnecessary sexual attractions as these will bring down your social prestige/ level.


July 23 to Aug 23

Some damages due to heavy rains in your home are likely to take place. Be on the lookout for identifying reasons and repairs. During the last moment some obstruction may be created for your long travel plans. Some disturbance at your job workplace is seen, which will be controlled by self pooja.


Aug 24 to Sept 22

This week is very suitable for your job/business plans, coordination with corporate offices/government offices/agencies/purchase of assets etc. for your office. You must visit worship places to get you hidden blessings. Some problems with your personal finances may disturb you. You have to be careful about the health of elderly relations in your family.


Sept 23 to Oct 23

Many opportunities will be seen but will wane away. The earlier job opportunity already availed will be sustainable. Therefore, transferring to new job may not be found advantageous and you should remain stuck present job in spite of the visible ambitious plans. You need to be careful about the health of your spouse and especially if pregnant.


Oct 24 to Nov 22

This week is the time of relaxation and to be cool at faraway places from workplace. The moon position is in your favour and therefore make use of it. You may institute power presentations and demonstrate your capabilities. You need to be careful about the health of your spouse, especially if pregnant.


Nov 23 to Dec 21

Purchasing of ornaments may be postponed. Avoid doing new ventures with investments. New ideas for improving/adding business plans must be recorded for next favourable period. You need to take care of blood related problems. You may get good news of your promotion/ success in exams/tests etc.


Dec 22 to Jan 20

Friendship proposals from opposite sex may be postponed this week. Automatic fault-finding process may start at your workplace. A senior person in high position is likely to oppose you but the same will be subsided, if you explain later and not on the spot. Your explanations will carry weight.


Jan 21 to Feb 18

If you would be in iron/steel, the week does not give desired results. But if you deal in silver, cotton, cloth, it can benefit much more than in the past. You have to be extra careful for your health especially in case of bone diseases.


Feb 19 to March 20

It is suggested that you may postpone property matters this week as you are likely to change your work position/place. You may lose someone in your circle. This week is likely to be full of journeys and from one place to another, one after the other.

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