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Week Beginning On June 29, 2013


March 21 to April 20

Your brother is likely to ask for loan as earlier also he appears to have availed loans from you. His financial problem is likely to worry you especially when your own plans are to be contemplated. You are likely to face impediments in almost all efforts therefore try them next week if possible, as you are likely to overcome them. Your shares if any can bring you gains.


April 21 to May 20

Your property disputes if any, can be resolved this week because the time is favorable. You may agree to the possible solution put forth by a mediator. But anger must be avoided as it might get you into a serious situation if your anger is not controlled. Avoid giving loan to someone as it is likely to spoil the relationship more than refusal.


May 21 to June 20

A lot of work may tire you due to your own bad planning and improving your planning will yield you immediate benefits. Your known friends in the government sector may found to be helpful to you. You should be careful about the driving of your driver or your spouse if she drives. If you have blood related diseases, the relevant tests undergone during the last week may dishearten.


June 21 to July 22

You are likely to be called from your restful holidays/ mood for some emergency work which probably could do as thought by others. Some transfer in your work place are likely to take place. This is a good situation to prove your worth and should be performed. There are also indications of your visit abroad for a short time. Some expenditure is likely to take place for the sickness in your home circle.


July 23 to Aug 23

Some expenditure is likely to take place due to renovation and modernisation either in your own house or at property at native place. Some long pending journey is likely to be taken up by you. Take care of your health. The chances of ego clashes are high, and they would take a heavy toll on you mentally. Try to be positive and balance the setbacks at the office with some cordiality and joviality at home.


Aug 24 to Sept 22

You will find getting stronger in spite of opposition therefore you should not get depressed in spite of such situations likely to arise. You should be cool during travel on road even if driver drives for you. There are indications of gains in the business of silver, gold, property, vehicles etc. You are likely to visit worship places to get you to get blessings.


Sept 23 to Oct 23

You may be facing situations of doing a lot of efforts but failing most of the times just by a miss of small time. Therefore, transferring to a new job may not be found advantageous and you should remain stuck present job in spite of the visible ambitious plans. You are likely to be successful in getting admission in new pursuits. Those grown up are likely to get job.


Oct 24 to Nov 22

You may be entering into a partnership in a business pursuit. You may do so but be careful of its short-term partnership already decided in the beginning. The moon position is in your favor and therefore make use of it. You need to be careful about the health of your spouse and especially if she is pregnant.


Nov 23 to Dec 21

Your constant fighting attitude is not making you successful. You need to smoothen your behavioral part which is also affecting your health. The birth of a baby is expected in your family circle. You are likely to face disturbances if you are a student. If you are trying for getting loan, try for small amount with well-known terms & conditions. Your workers in your workplace are not positive with your efforts.


Dec 22 to Jan 20

Distribution of ancestral ornaments are likely to take place in your family affairs. You may be thinking of shifting from or selling your residence building. Be careful about progeny of your wife avoid any strain on her. Hard work may be demanded at your work place. You will not be disturbed by automatic fault finding process which might start at your workplace.


Jan 21 to Feb 18

You may be inclined to start writing book and it is a favorable time for you. Some old person in your family circle may distress you for your repentance for being unable to help him/ her. You may have to travel suddenly at a small notice. It is good time to learn new subjects/ courses. You may be facing obstructions but you may overcome them. You may postpone a foreign travel or long travel.


Feb 19 to March 20

Your name and fame is going up in your work sector as well as in your family circles. Opening of a medical centre or working in such like centre will be found fruitful but needs a lot of hard work to be put in and the same would be done by you. You may postpone property matters this week.

By Astrologer Mohan Lal Batra

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