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Updated: July 20, 2013 11:22 am

Week Beginning On July 13, 2013


March 21 to April 20

This week is likely to give you some worries due to many works to be done. It may be possible that at any point of time you might feel nervous. But if you spend some time to think calmly to prioritise and start working in that direction, you will be surprised to have finished all of them. Be confident that you can do it.


April 21 to May 20

Your property disputes, if any, can be resolved this week because the time is favorable. You may agree to the possible solution put forth by a mediator. But anger must be avoided as it might get you into a serious situation if your anger is not controlled. Avoid giving loan to someone as it is likely to spoil the relationship more than refusal.


May 21 to June 20

You are likely to be overstressed due to sudden pouring of responsibilities if you are working in the government sector. Your failure of plans is likely to discourage you but your colleagues are depending on your strength. Your positive attitude will take you out of problems. Your relations from mother side if suck up in tsunami are likely to be recovered.


June 21 to July 22

You have an attitude of methodical working which will bring you reputation and happiness. Some opponents who do not come in the forefront, will spread discouraging remarks on your back. But they will be reacted automatically by others. You may not get high results expected by you. But the same will be appreciated by all. Short travel is suddenly expected.


July 23 to Aug 23

Your efforts done in the near past are likely to bring you sizable gains and you are suggested to work with a cool attitude. But care is needed not to take up high task which is likely to extend blood related problems if you are in fifties (of age). Any disorder in your body is likely to bring down your efficiency level of day to day working.


Aug 24 to Sept 22

There are combinations of stars to provide you with flair for writing fiction, poems, novels etc. The power of imagination will bring you results. Future plans made by you will be fruitful. Be careful about health of your elderly people in your relations. Property dealings are likely to give you gains.


Sept 23 to Oct 23

Those young couples who are in marriage age group, their progress is likely to be delayed. In younger age groups who are trying for employment are likely to be successful. Those who are trying for admission in science and engineering courses are likely to be successful. Others working and in jobs are likely to have long travel.


Oct 24 to Nov 22

You have got to be very vigilant about your deadly anger which shoots up making you senseless. This might bring down your prestige and standing in the market. You might be travelling abroad and some problem in visa formation is seen which will be overcome. You are likely to buy gold ornaments.


Nov 23 to Dec 21

You are likely to get support from your colleagues to carry out high task responsibility work and this will bring name and fame to you due to your leadership quality. The health of your spouse is likely to be down these days. Take care not to ignore your spouse health issues. You are likely to go for a long travel connected with your job responsibilities.


Dec 22 to Jan 20

You are thinking of change of residence on rent or purchase/ sale of residence. This is perhaps because of change/ shifting of job. Any change in job is likely to bring you losses so it is better be firm on continuation of existing job. You may avoid changing your residence on account of this reason.


Jan 21 to Feb 18

Your long travel plan is likely to be dropped after a lot of discussions but it is a useful preposition for you in the long run. Some baby birth is expected in your near family circle but with some problems which will be overcome. The health of your spouse is likely to be down these days. Take care not to ignore your spouse health issues.


Feb 19 to March 20

It is recommended not to buy any car/ vehicle/ property during this week. You are likely to enjoy and visit worth seeing historical monuments/ hotels etc. but you are likely to be called back and join your duties due to some emergency at your work place. Be careful about water connected diseases. You are likely to get appreciation for work and could be reward.

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