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March 21 to April 20

You are advised strictly to avoid property sale/ purchase matters as they may be more trapping you to cheat you because the group around you is not good. Take your firm decision. Your brother/ sister might ask you big loans. If you want to help them, give minimum possible amount indicating them your minimum resources.

April 21 to May 20

If you are in marriageable age, then you might be getting matrimonial proposals which may not be getting connected due to some reasons. In that case you need to go to temple or worship place for 4 weeks on each Tuesday. Avoid property sale/ purchase matters or change of residence.


May 21 to June 20

Your position in the government will get stronger. Your brothers and friends will be at your help. Purchase/sale of property may not be suitable. A newly born baby is expected in your near family. You will be asked to conduct short visits for some government matters, wherein, you may be visiting religious places.


June 21 to July 22

You skould be careful about the blood-borne disease and get it checked up. And if you are already taking regular medicines, they need to be reviewed. You are likely to purchase the house hold. But some dispute with your spouse is likely to take place on the choice matters.


July 23 to Aug 23

You are likely to be hospitalized as you might be sick for a longer time. You will be all right after a period of about one month approximate. You have some money already stuck up, it needs persuasion. The ill-health would mar your efficiency of work. Your friends and & brother may come to your great help.


Aug 24 to Sept 22

This week, the results of your vigorous hard work will bring you appreciation and you will be sent for continuation at some short journey. Your ideas have found a place in the successful versions. Avoid ancestral property matters for decisions during this month.


Sept 23 to Oct 23

During this week, you may be having imaginary powers to help you writing official notes, poems if you are poet, story writer. You may take care of your spouse and sisters who are always willing to help you. Your vigor or energy is likely to be depressed, which would be helped out by your spouse and sisters.


Oct 24 to Nov 22

In Europe, there is a saying that it is better to talk to the residence. A new born is expected in your family or there will be reference in this regard. Your energy level will be low this week, due to some unwanted situations in the office. However, there is nothing to worry.


Nov 23 to Dec 21

You should not intervene in the property matters. Avoid giving loans to anyone because it is not likely to come back to you. You may buy new furniture for your own purpose. You are likely to face some difficulty in present residencial property. This will be a good deal. You energy level would be high during this week. Prefer not to undertake forcefully anyway during the deal.


Dec 22 to Jan 20

The position of Saturn is likely to rub in the work, but will also give you results. But your source of funds will be exploited uselessly. But you are likely to get a lot of support from your family. In the next part of week your energy will be subdued. Some differences with your spouse will be sorted out as soon as possible.


Jan 21 to Feb 18

You are likely to be under office stress without gains. There are chances of getting an ancestral property and also likely to purchase, small amount of property or furniture, et cetera. Some differences with the spouse are likely to occur. This will be sorted out as soon as possible. Please avoid short journeys. You might be having some tendencies to visit the religious places.


Feb 19 to March 20

During this week. , you’ll be heading your department with high prestige and placement. So you should be conservative and careful in exercising such powers under the pressure of your receipt. You should not be influenced by the prestige pictures and try to do the things in your own rightful way because you’ll be answerable to someone.

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