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By Ajai Bhambi
Updated: August 29, 2020 1:39 pm

Week Beginning On 23rd August to 29th august 2020


April 14 to May 14

You are ready to take charge of something and you would find that you excel. Find a

project you can take ownership of even a small one, and make it the best it can possibly be. You are also

attaining clarity of thought that’s helping you establish a strong base and powerful connections.



May 15 to June 15

With the new cycle come opportunities for growth and development. You interpret and interact with the invigorating energies around you that it helps you to enhance your confidence. This will give you an edge over the

competition. It is the right time to use the synergy available to you.



June 16 to July 15

This phase is all about communication though you may feel that you want more focus. Make sure to respond to all essential messages as something special is coming your way. Adversities will be a thing of the past as you explore new possibilities.



July 16 to Aug 15

Intellectual exchanges would be stimulating your interest in a previous project or short-range development. You can also diversify your activities as the stars are on your side. Your imagination is especially vivid; your expression clear and vocabulary skills especially sharp.



Aug 16 to Sep 15

Changing circumstances would necessitate that you adjust and adapt. Moreover you will have to look for equilibrium and possibly for meditation to avoid your thoughts from wandering. It will be vital for you to recognize the moment to stop so that disagreements do not occur.



Sep 16 to Oct 15

You feel inspired to make some changes and your imagination is especially heightened, so it’s easy to give

practicality to your plans and ideas. Your powers of persuasion are at a high so go ahead and conduct

negotiations. You make shrewd investments and increase income.



Oct 16 to Nov 15

New experiences will help you showcase your flair for business. You would land a plum deal or assignment. You also find the solution to a complex problem that has been bothering you of late. The unattached could attract the attention of an ardent admirer.



Nov 16 to Dec 15

This will be an action packed week. A new association will boost your morale. You find ingenious ways to showcase your creativity. Be frugal and balanced and you will manage your finances very well. Let yourself relax and unwind in the company of your family.



Dec 16 to Jan 13

Be assertive about what you want as great force of spirit. It would be a time for you to step into the spotlight and you would make a strong impact with what you say and write.  Utilize the combined efforts and energies of the family to achieve results.



Jan 14 to Feb11

It is important that you relax, get rid of the tension and open yourself to opportunities. Positive events are evolving and it is important to live them with awareness and you will face all challenges with ease. Your innate common sense and practical nature will prove invaluable at work.



Feb 12 to March 13

A lot of different possibilities have opened up for you recently, and you’re trying to deduce which is the most

appropriate for you at this time.  You will be able to win friends and influence people with ease. An additional source of income could open up. A family vacation will be beneficial.



March 14 to April 13

You work on a larger scale and strong facets of your personality come to the fore. Some long overdue rewards and gains would come to you. Expenses will rise especially on leisure and entertainment but money situation will be comfortable. Your education overseas then these prospects will also emerge.


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