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By Ajai Bhambi
Updated: December 24, 2019 3:24 pm

Week Beginning On 22nd December to 28th December 2019


(April 14-May 14)

Try as you might, the feeling of uneasiness is not easy to shake off as you get ready for a new job.  It would be to your advantage to make good preparations.  You might have to undertake a journey to a far off place in connection with some personal and quite urgent work.  Home life will be quite satisfactory.



(May 15-June 15)

On the work front there will be progress.  You could find yourself in line for a promotion.  As a student, you may have to put in extra effort in case  you are due to take an examination.  Work related travel cannot be ruled out during this week.  Domestic life will be good and an auspicious function can be celebrated.



(June 16-July 15)

During this week you could feel the need to de-stress by doing yoga or taking on another activity that keeps you physically involved.  It is a time to re-think some of your plans and maybe discard the unnecessary ones.  You will get ample support from your spouse who will be by your side during your time of need.



(July 15-August 15)

On the professional horizon, you will be suitably rewarded for excellent work done.  This will spur you on to put in your best.  As an entrepreneur, you could be in a position to bring out a dream project of yours.  A couple of short distance journeys can keep you busy and these trips can be made with your family members.



(August 16-September 15)

Students may need to burn the midnight oil in order to get the desired results.  During this time no short cuts will work for you so avoid wasting your time.  As a business person, you are likely to come in contact with an influential person who will help you out.  A long distance journey a have to be made in a hurried manner.



(September 16-October 15)

No amount of pressure will prevent you from sticking to your guns over a controversial matter.  You may have to change you plans of travelling to a later date for better results.  On the work front, you may be given a new assignment to take on.   As a sports person, there will be chance for you to perform on the national level.



(October 16-November 15)

Financial betterment can come your way.  You will get an opportunity to make a couple of big investments.  A good connection at work is going to enable you to get your point of view across in a quicker manner.  For students who are appearing in a competition/examination, success is on the cards.  Domestic life will be peaceful.



(November 16-December 15)

Any decision made in haste is likely to be detrimental to your long term plans.  If you are in politics or doing some social work, you will gather a good team around you to help you in your plan.  As a student, you are going to fare well in your activities.  Financially you will be quite well off and can make an investment in property.



(December 16-January 13)

As a business person, you can come under a great deal of pressure in the beginning of this phase.  If you are involved in any creative activity, you will get the platform you have been waiting for to bring out some good work.  One or two short distance journeys can be made on official work and they will be good.



(January 14-February 11)

You are heading for mixed results during this period.  Work matters need more attention as unfinished tasks could tend to pile up.  As a student you could reap the benefits of efforts put in earlier.  The financial situation may not be very good and you would do well to save some money and not incur unnecessary expenses.



(February 12- March 13)

You can get a wonderful opportunity to shine in your field.  If you are planning to go abroad, now is the time to put in your papers.  The financial situation is likely to get better and you may like to spend lavishly on a function being celebrated.  Home life will be quite happy and children will fare well in their activities.



(March 14-April 13)

Good news can come from afar filling you with new hope.  You could begin to make plans for going on a holiday with your family.  Professional activities will move along smoothly.  As an entrepreneur, you will get the chance to bring out a new project.  If you are on the look out for a loan from a financial institution, you will not be disappointed.

By Ajai Bhambi

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