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Week Beginning On Nov 23 to 29, 2014


April 14 to May 14

A new development will expand your horizons as you move away from the routine and mundane. Take advantage of this to reorganize your priorities. There could be some sudden travel but you would achieve what you set out to do. Some home renovation plans get under way. Pay attention to health issues.


May 15 to June 15

As a lot of developments take place, it encourages you to take a look within, as you act on your goals. This will help bring about a subtle yet significant change in your approach and attitude. It is an opportune time to reach out to people and also garner support.


June 16 to July 15

On the professional front you are a force to reckon with and this also brings in a change in your style of working. Domestic ties become stronger and some plans will be afoot. Good news comes your way and a celebration would take place. You regain your health and positive energies.


July 16 to Aug 15

You would be creative and bold giving a new perspective to your ideas. This will motivate you to take action regarding a key issue. Going ahead on this will help you resolve matters fairly quick leaving you optimistic about the future. Be vigilant while travelling and stick to a healthy diet.


Aug 16 to Sep 15

Some of the blocks that you have been feeling will be lifted. It is a good time to step up your interactions as a meeting or communication with a likeminded person could see you collaborating on something which piques your interest. An old payment can be realized so make the requisite efforts.


Sep 16 to Oct 15

Deep and profound changes await you as you utilize the dynamism and energy that surrounds you. If planning to start a new career then the planets welcome you. Job hunters have an easy run. An affair is on the cards as you connect or reconnect with someone special on all levels.


Oct 16 to Nov 15

Your ideas will be well taken by others raising your achievements to optimum levels. You gain respect in professional circles and your image will also enhance. It is a fruitful period for students pursuing higher studies. You would revel in the love and affection of your loved ones and well-wishers.


Nov 16 to Dec 15

New contacts would be established which would impact your life in a positive way whether professionally or personally. You can also diversify your activities. This phase will see you more grounded and secure as well as more tolerant and compassionate. Financially you will do quite well and can think of investments.


Dec 16 to Jan 13

Recent successes would spur new aspirations on your part. You would be both more determined and confident. Using your creativity will help you bring nuances to your work which will set you apart. Both career and relationships look promising. Ensure that you do not neglect your health amidst all this activity.


Jan 14 to Feb11

Some projects may see the light of the day and you get the needed support. If planning to raise funds from an institution, foreign countries or other resources then your efforts will pay off. Your practical foresight will keep your flighty ideas well grounded. You enjoy a good rapport and understanding with family members.


Feb 12 to March 13

This will be an action packed week. The energies are buzzing around you as you improvise on your methodology from time to time; all to suit the situation and for better results. There could be an opportunity for travel to a foreign land. At home too preparations for an event will be in full swing.


March 14 to April 13

At times sentiments and emotions can cloud your vision so clear the air as soon as something crops up. Open your ears and mind to wisdom from within and in the form of advice from well-wishers. Go ahead and undertake that journey that you are planning; it will bring good luck.

Ajai Bhambi

By Ajai Bhambi

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