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This week for you based on Vedic Sun Signs Week Beginning On 04th February to 10th  2018



April 14 to May 14

A high-energy boost has you raring to go and new undertakings hold special interest. Now is the opportune time to roll out your plans. Getting the pulse of your customers is a good way to gauge your next step. Your discerning thinking will help you resolve some financial issues that crop up.


May 15 to June 15

A venture should not be taken lightly. You need to look more deeply into issues that seem minor but are affecting you professionally. You will get some amazing insights with research. A family member could give some surprising news which will bring in excitement on the domestic front.


June 16 to July 15

New developments will have you in a more positive frame of mind and your efforts too gain momentum. Your ability to take decisions on the spur of the moment will help. You enjoy every moment, whatever it brings and follow your intuition to feel more  integrated.


July 16 to Aug 15

The planetary configuration is favorable, and you are in the process of reaping benefits from it. Mental organization like  budgeting, or scheduling will help you reap greater benefits. You gain the trust and confidence of people in authority. A senior family member plays an important role in domestic events.


Aug 16 to Sep 15

You would have the ability to balance restraint and fearlessness; restraint about taking undue risks and fearlessness in the face of challenges. With luck on your side you are ready to take on everybody and every situation. Make the most of your connections as your image will enhance.


Sep 16 to Oct 15

The pressure of work continues so do not let your mind wander in other directions and new projects and areas as this will dissipate your resources. Fuse your desire for new friends with your passion for familiar activities. Travel for leisure will be invigorating. Your health will take a turn for the better.


Oct 16 to Nov 15

There is an intense energy which will help you make desired changes and modifications. So any partnership or new project that is worked on now should be mutually beneficial, stable. Each interaction you have is destined to be quite pleasant in interesting ways. You may also contemplate marriage.


Nov 16 to Dec 15

Some events can be a catalyst for change. Be prepared as people will reach out, connect and give you leads. Your performance is getting a lot of attention and others might feel a bit of resentment over it. Revel in your well-deserved success. Spiritual matters may pique your interest and draw you.


Dec 16 to Jan 13

Innovative ideas and actions puts you on top of work this week. It’s a good time to reach out and explore possibilities. Fortunately, you have the drive and the vision right now to make the trends instead of follow them. The likelihood for romance is high. Enjoy the diversity in your world.


Jan 14 to Feb11

Don’t let emotion overshadow your logic and objectivity when handling work issues. It is time to complete an unfinished business. Your great energy would you through any rough patches with ease. Take care that someone doesn’t interfere in your domestic life. You may plan a family outing or a short trip for pleasure.


Feb 12 to March 13

Activities related to communication and fine arts are prominent. You also come across resources which will help you make headway in personal and domestic projects. Your wits will be sharp as also your humour and this will help you gain popularity in your social circles.  Things take a positive turn in respect to your romance.


March 14 to April 13

Career prospects improve and you would  discover some new ways to boost your income. You will instinctively understand how to get people to your way of thinking as you accomplish what you set out to do. You take  considered and wise steps to maintain harmony and affection in your family relations.

By Ajai Bhambi


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