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Updated: October 5, 2017 3:31 pm

Based on Vedic Sun Signs

Week Beginning On 01st October to 07th October 2017


April 14 to May 14

You will get mixed results during this week.  Professionally, you can expect to gain from past endeavours.   As a student, lack of effort on your part can cost you dearly.  A couple of short distance journeys can take place which may not be as fruitful as you think they will be.


May 15 to June 15

You will do very well if you are in any creative field like music or television.  A couple of lucrative offers can come your way.  At the work place you would like to make some changes and do so in an imaginative way.  Students are going to fare well in their activities.


June 16 to July 15

You would like to get involved in some charitable work and will look for like minded people.  It is going to be a good period to travel as a lot of gain is attached to it.  You are going to maintain high standards in business life and will be respected for this and all the work you do.


July 16 to Aug 15

On the professional front, you can get picked by your bosses for a prime post.  You will be the envy of your colleagues.  It is a good time for travel as you stand to gain from this.  Good news from a close friend will liven up your spirits more and keep you feeling satisfied.


Aug 16 to Sep 15

This is the time when you will plan your future.  You may not be very satisfied with  your job and could be on the  look out for a new one.  Keep an eye on your bank balance and make sure you do not splurge especially if you are thinking of a job change pretty soon.


Sep 16 to Oct 15

As a business person, you may like to come out with a new idea in a big way.  The financial help you are looking for is going to come your way.  Family life is going to be quite peaceful and happy.  Children are going to perform very well in their routine activities.


Oct 16 to Nov 15

You may want to go out on a trip for the sheer pleasure of it.  Work is going to be far from your mind at the moment.  You are in the mood for adventure and thrill.  Money due to you is likely to come back in installments.  Family life will be very happy and harmonious.


Nov 16 to Dec 15

You are heading for a good week.  If you are a business person, you are likely to get good profit in your work.  An excellent money deal can also come through.   You might like to branch out into another field also during this time.  A short distance journey can be made.


Dec 16 to Jan 13

You will be quite content with the way your professional life is shaping up.  Your colleagues will be very helpful towards you. You will be well off money wise and may like to make an investment in the stocks and shares.  An auspicious function can be celebrated in the family.


Jan 14 to Feb11

You may not be active on the social scene due to a change in your schedule which calls for more hectic work activity.  However, you will get the chance to make a new friendship.  Financial gain is in the cards and you may like to go in for an investment in real estate.


Feb 12 to March 13

This week will see you struggling to make a go of things.  The reason for this could be lack of energy which is affecting your drive.  It is not a very profitable time money wise so keep your expenditure low.  You may need to take the help of your spouse in a family matter.


March 14 to April 13

Faced by stiff competition, you can get nervous about your work and make errors.   As an entrepreneur, you may need to delay the project you had in mind.  A couple of short distance journeys will keep you busy.  Your spouse will be very supportive of your actions.

By Ajai Bhambi

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