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Based on Vedic Sun Signs

Week Beginning On 27th November to 3rd December, 2016


April 14 to May 14

On the work horizon, you will toil hard and be rewarded in a suitable manner.  As a student if you are on the lookout for a scholarship, you are likely to get it.  You will be very active on the social scene and make a new friend.  If you are single, you can think of marriage.


May 15 to June 15

A big investment made earlier can bring in good results. A close person, maybe a family member can turn out to be a big inspiration in things you do.  You can go places if you put in a little effort from your side.  Domestic life will be happy and an auspicious function can be celebrated.


June 16 to July 15

As a student, you are going to fare very well in a competition or exam. At the work place, you will be busy with many things.  You are likely to get in touch with some overseas contacts to help you out in a business matter.  A short distance journey can be made with your spouse.


July 16 to Aug 15

You may have to travel on very short notice so it would be better to keep important papers ready.  You are likely to start work on a pending project and see it through in a nice way.  Love life is going to be good.  Students will fare well in their activities and do you proud.


Aug 16 to Sep 15

You could come face to face with an unwanted situation but clever planning will help you sail through easily.  At work you will turn out to be a good leader and steer your workers through a difficult phase. An auspicious occasion is likely to be celebrated in the family.


Sep 16 to Oct 15

You are heading for mixed results.   As a student, you will have to work hard to get the results you desire.   Avoid getting into fights at the work place as this could go against you.  An extra source of income can present itself rather quickly and in a most unexpected manner.


Oct 16 to Nov 15

You could be given a new responsibility on the professional front and you will set about handling it an efficient way.  Though work load is going to be heavy during this week, you will prioritize well and be able to cope with it.   Domestic life will be quite peaceful and happy.


Nov 16 to Dec 15

As an entrepreneur, you may like to get a new project off the ground. There could be a lot of competition in your field and you could get nervous by this. Your friends will be very supportive of you.   A journey to a new place can bring you in touch with many people.


Dec 16 to Jan 13

Financially this is a good phase and you can think of going in for an investment in property. Travel may not bring you the results you want.   You may have to put off some work due to this.  Your personal life needs a little more attention as there could be an unattended problem.


Jan 14 to Feb11

You are heading for a good time.  A couple of short distance journeys can be made on a personal matter.   Some people can come to you for some advice and benefit by this.  Relationships that had been strained earlier will get better putting you in a good mood.  As a student, you will fare well.


Feb 12 to March 13

As an entrepreneur, you can think of going in for a partnership.  You may be put in a position where you will have to work over time to meet a deadline.  You can get good news from a distant place.  Students will do well but will have to work hard.  Home life is happy.


March 14 to April 13

As a business person you are likely to strike a new deal which will give you the gains you have been looking for.  The money situation will be better than before.  Family life will be very happy as an auspicious function gets celebrated.  This will keep you very busy.

Ajai Bhambiby Ajai Bhambi

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