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April 14 to May 14

The period from January to March transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars is not very good. Some developments or someone could disturb your peace of mind. Projects and plans would meet with delays and obstacles. From April to August will be a much better period and you will have enough energy to carry out day to day and planned pursuits. Money matters look up. September to December will be beneficial for new initiatives and creative ventures. You can expect wonderful results in your career. Financial stability will be there. You meet with success in competitions, exams, interviews etc.


May 15 to June 15

From January to March you do extremely well professionally and your standing improves. Job switchover is on the cards if seeking a change. Financial gains are indicated. Jupiter is good in the 3rd house bringing travel opportunity. Personal development will enhance your image. Mars placement during April to August will give some mixed results. There could be misunderstanding or development at work which gives some stress. Creativity peaks and you can make the best of this skill. Financially you would be well placed. September to December is not very encouraging. There would be some tension and disturbances.


July 16 to Aug 15

Luck will support you from January to April as Mars is well placed so is Jupiter. Family life will be fantastic and money situation will also improve. Saturn’s placement in the 6th house makes you more competitive and result oriented. Wedding bells will ring for those who are single. There will be contentment to your life. The period between May to September will give you slightly mixed results but overall the pattern of results will be quite positive. In the period between October and December most of the planets will remain on your side so you can derive quite interesting results.


July 16 to Aug 15

Jupiter is transiting through your sign from January to April. Rahu is well placed and Saturn is also alright. On the other hand Mars is not good. Despite many good things happening all around you; you will still remain under constraints due to unavoidable circumstances specially in the month of January. The rest of the months are marvelous and fulfilling in all respects. From May to September be watchful and don’t sign any important documents in a hurry. In the period from October to December, most of the planets will support your planning. You can launch your plans as you would get success. Money situation also improves.


Aug 16 to Sep 15

The period between January to April is not very good for finances as expenditure will rise. You will be on your toes without much material gains. Transit of Sun and Mars is very good in January till the middle of February and these 45 days will do wonders. However mid-February to the end-March may not be very good and some physical ailment could bother you. From May to September things start improving gradually and in mid-July, Jupiter will infuse you with energy and confidence. The period from September till the end of the year is very good. Image will also enhance putting you on the fast track in your career. Income will rise.


Sep 16 to Oct 15

The period from January to April is gainful. Career prospects look up. Business people do very well. Financial gains and investments are indicated. Good results in competitions and exams. Overseas connections can be tapped to establish yourself and travel will also add on to your present status. From May to September most planets are good but Jupiter from mid-July is a weak link. Expenses will be high but manageable. If you have a spiritual bent of mind then you can make very good progress. October to December will be a very good and you may have to travel a lot. If planning to go abroad then it will materialize. Marriage is on the cards.


Oct 16 to Nov 15

January to April Jupiter, Sun and Mars transit is very good. You solve your day-to-day pursuits with determination but main or important issues remain unresolved. Support will come with efforts. Money matters create some constraints from time to time. Major decisions should not be taken lightly or impulsively. May to September will give you much relief. October will be a very prominent month when you can find some answers to your complex problems and it will give you much relief in a dynamic environment. However in the next two months, money issues can crop up. Avoid confrontation with your own people.


Nov 16 to Dec 15

Transit of Saturn and Jupiter put some brakes on devastating Saturn in your sun sign. Rahu is very good and the other planets are also supporting. You may face constant problems remain unfazed. Your alertness and ability to garner support from even inimical quarters will help overcome difficulties. However do not to go overboard and avoid any sort of miscalculation. From May to September, the rest of the planets are alright but Jupiter’s transit is not very good. This may not be a very comfortable period for you professionally and personally. During the period October to December you will be able to reconcile.


Dec 16 to Jan 13

January to April you will get reasonably good results but you need to increase efforts though confidence will be high and you will be dynamic. From May to September, luck will favour with a lot of improvement all around. An increase in income and new connections boost your morale and confidence. Marriage is on the cards. Those appearing in exam, competition etc. get success. You receive support from different quarters. October to December most of the planets support you; the same pattern of results continue. You will be successful in overseas ventures. Assets too can be created.


Jan 14 to Feb 11

January to April transit of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter is very good. Your abilities shine and projects will be initiated or completed. Use your communication skills to your advantage. A celebration in the family is strongly indicated. Saturn will keep helping you throughout the year and its placement in the 11th house is considered one of the best. May to September; no planet is changing rhythm for you and you will continue with the same force. The period from October to December is also a good period and a continuation of the phase that started this year. Financially things will look up. Family life will be wonderful.


Feb 12 to March 13

January to April the transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars is good. This is going to bring about the kind of change that you are looking forward to. May to September brings security in your professional and personal life. New associations or a partnership can be formed. From October till the end of the year will be on the same pattern. You meet with success in your all that you undertake, brimming with confidence and you do things with valour. Your authority will be easily established. Your image will enhance and you will feel content and happy. Financial betterment is on the cards.


March 14 to April 13

During the period from January to April, transit of Jupiter and Saturn is good. However Mars transit from January to 12th of February is not very good. Avoid taking important decisions. Some old disputes can crop up. A minor health ailment can also bother you. From May to September, is a good period. Make full efforts. You do very well financially. Family life will be harmonious. October to December is going to be a good period. Some positive opportunity will boost your morale and confidence. This is a good time for you to buy a vehicle or even invest in property. Wedding bells beckon the single and the eligible.

By Ajai Bhambi

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