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Updated: January 31, 2015 11:00 am

Based on Vedic Sun

Week Beginning On January 25 to 31, 2015


April 14 to May 14

It is a time to let go of distractions and limitations that restrict your career path. There will be opportunities to adjust your approach and plan in line with the new developments. You will be more practical as you make a mark and your image enhances.



May 15 to June 15

Your forward thinking outlook and ability to dream big will enable you to put into action your ambitious plans. This is when you can take calculated chances and trust your instincts too to take advantage of the favourable circumstances. Travel will be invigorating as well as beneficial. Romance will bloom.



June 16 to July 15

You may feel somewhat discouraged with some doubts. These are momentary; do not let them derail your long term progress. You have more strength than you realize which will keep you positive. Explore an area of interest which stimulates your mind and this could also open up some financial gains for you.



July 16 to Aug 15

You have powerful, transformative energy at your disposal. New assignments are highlighted as situations evolve. It is a time for alliances, new associations or partnerships which will be instrumental in professional growth. You get pleasure from anything that expands your horizons, both physically and mentally.



Aug 16 to Sep 15

It is a good time to realise your leadership potential. A new association will be formed to help further your professional goals. Fast paced developments on the domestic front will keep you on your toes. Interpersonal relations thrive as synergy and cooperation are available to you. Wedding bells beckon the single.



Sep 16 to Oct 15

Many goals can be accomplished with innovative thinking. If you have an artistic skill or other ability, factor it into your daily schedule so you can develop and use it. Some developments will open you up to a new, more fulfilling and long lasting romantic relationship. Children bring in much joy.



Oct 16 to Nov 15

Intense work will be required and you will be able to meet challenges head on. Read relevant documents with care. This phase is not bad as far as finances are concerned but avoid emotional investment in professional matters. You attract quite a bit of interest and energy for interactions will be strong.



Nov 16 to Dec 15

Self-expression and communications move up to the next level. Use this energy to say what you mean, but with the flair of purpose. Freely articulate your ideas, needs and wants as you will get a good response. A creative talent if nurtured and brought to light can bring in gains.



Dec 16 to Jan 13

There would be developments that inspire you to spread your wings and enhance your earnings. Innovative efforts have the capability of resonating deeply, don’t think small. Travel opportunities will start becoming more apparent as you step up your interactions and start implementing your new plans.



Jan 14 to Feb11

You may be considering your next move on many fronts now as you reflect on the distance you have covered. When planning ahead, take into account goals and strategy that enhances self-expression. Personal finances seem to be important to you this week. Nurturing family relationships would be useful and will help you balance your emotions.



Feb 12 to March 13

Don’t let self-doubts assail you as you have the self-confidence to get to work and refine and develop a skill and a talent. It’s a matter of hard work, belief in oneself, and courage to move ahead. New connections would prove quite beneficial. It is also a good time to enhance your romantic relationship.


March 14 to April 13

You have pronounced energy for new projects, or for stepping up existing ones. This is a rather happy, goal-oriented phase on the professional front. It’s a friendly time, when it is easy to enjoy life and make the most of your interactions. A short journey or visit could put you in the midst of positive events.

By Ajai Bhambi

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