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For Your Attention, Mr Prime Minister

Updated: April 16, 2011 10:35 am

I am writing this long note just to satisfy my own burning feelings and as a senior citizen and duty bound concerning miserable quality of governance revealed in various ways and felt/expressed by most of the citizens. I know this note will not reach you but most probably go to the waste basket but may be some of your close bureaucrats having slightest patriotic feeling make you have a glance.

                You are aware, Sir, that country is burning all around with hundred and one problems, but the major following burning issues are root causes leading from bad to worse. In fact, you gained highest image amongst the leaders since independence even above Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and all others very fast being totally honest and clean and having liberalised the growth, brought economic reforms and opened the door to the world on your taking over as Finance Minister in 1991 at a time when the country was going to the dogs having no reserves and plane load of gold was sent to U.K. etc. Countrymen expected a lot from you when you took over as Prime Minister, particularly in respect of alleviation of corruption, poverty, crimes/criminals, through strict discipline and bringing relevant laws as promised by you, but unfortunately you being too soft or loose proved to be a hoax and clinging to the chair like a slave ignoring the moral values of your high integrity, patriotism, honesty and economic competence but total failure in administration. It was a great opportunity for you to resign and leave the post when the Supreme Court passed verdict against you. That would have enhanced your image to the highest level and brought revolutionary change in the country but becoming ambitious and also under pressure you preferred continuing which is very unfortunate for you as well as for the country. However, if you are willing to continue, kindly be bold as Sardarji and vigorously take up the following burning issues with perseverance. If you can’t do anything, there is no sense in clinging and tarnishing your little left super image. I have been always your fan. There is hardly any need of giving my detailed introduction except that I am an ordinary industrialist and a humble philanthropist doing various charitable and welfare activities for the poor having founded and running several charitable institutions including a world renowned Naturecure Institute at Bengaluru about which you may be aware. I met you twice long back. I do not support any political party but hate today’s dirty politics.


The Two-Nation Theory basically implies that Hindus and Muslims cannot live in peace and harmony with each other as with different history and different socio-cultural-religious norms they constitute the two different nations.

                Some ‘secular’ Hindus and Hindu historians falsely assert time and again that Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (1883-1966) is the first person to have propounded the Two-Nation Theory. The Hindustan Times of January 28, 2011 quoted Digvijay Singh, a general secretary of the Sonia’s Congress Party asserting: “It is a historical fact (that) Savarkar was the first person to have mooted the idea of a two-nation theory… it was later adopted by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.” This is totally false accusation by Digvijay Singh. Political insinuation of this canard is to blame the Hindutva forces for 1947 Partition.

                Reality is that Muslim separatism has its roots in Islamic jurisprudence as Qur’an divides humanity into two watertight compartments—momins (Muslims, who believe in Muhammad Sahib as the last Prophet) and, kafirs (who do not accept Muhammad Sahib as their Prophet). Under Islamic laws Muslims and non-Muslims do not have equal rights.

                There are about 125 verses in Qur’an which are quoted by jihadi Muslims to incite and justify violence against non-Muslims. Therefore there is inbuilt conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims, between Hindus and Muslims in India, and, between Muslims and Christians in Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, UK, USA etc, and between Jews and Muslims. Shias and Sunnis too are at war against each other.

                According to al-Qaeda interpretation, Qur’an prohibits friendship between Muslims and non-Muslims. Surah III.28 reads: “Let not the believers take unbelievers for friends……” Surah III.73 “and do not believe but in him who follows your religion.” Surah III.12 reads: “Say to those who disbelieve, you shall be vanquished and driven together to hell.” Surah IX.29 reads: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah.” Surah IX. 123 and 5 also refer. Surah II.221 prohibits giving a Muslim girl in marriage to a non-Muslim and asks to convert a non-Muslim girl into Islam before marriage. Islamic writers and some Hindu writers often hide these Surahs.

                Killing a kafir or an apostate is not a crime for a Muslim under Islamic laws. On January 4, 2011 a police bodyguard of Governor of Pakistani Punjab Salman Taseer, shot dead. In court assassin accepted killing Taseer but claimed that he had acted on the directives of the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed “regarding an apostate” (Dawn, February 14, 2011). Aurangzeb had justified killing of Darashikoh on same lines. So it would be wise for all Hindus to take serious note of above verses of Qur’an.

                Most Indian Muslim authors, fundamentalist or liberal, hold Congress leaders, especially Jawaharlal Nehru personally responsible for Partition of India. They argue that by refusing to share power in the United Provinces Ministry in 1937; and, by sabotaging the Cabinet Mission Plan in 1946 after first having accepted it Jawaharlal Nehru forced Jinnah to stick for Pakistan. This line was often taken by Pakistan ambassadors in discussions with me. By implication Muslim authors try to free Indian Muslims of their guilt for Partition though in the 1945-46 elections, bulk of Indian Muslims had wholeheartedly voted for the Muslim League, which was demanding Partition, as the Muslim League won 425 out of 492 seats reserved for Muslims in the central and provincial legislatures.

                And, Congress leaders in order to protect Jawaharlal Nehru and as per their Muslim appeasement policy try to divert responsibility for Partition away from Congress and Jawaharlal Nehru to Hindutva forces by resorting to canards and lies about Savarkar, as Digvijay Singh did on January 28,2011.

                It is true that Savarkar is the first person to have coined the term ‘Hindutva’ in 1923 but he is certainly not the first person to have propounded the two-nation theory.

                AG Noorani, a Muslim critic of Hindutva, wrote in The Frontline of March 2003; “He (Savarkar) pronounced the Two-Nation Theory, first, in 1923 in his essay Hindutva and next in 1937 in his presidential address to the Mahasabha.” According to Noorani, in 1923 Savarkar wrote: “We Hindus are bound together not only by the love we bear to a common fatherland and by the blood that courses through our veins… but also by the tie of the common homage we pay to our great civilisation—our Hindu culture… we are one because we are a nation, a race and own a common Sanskriti (civilisation).” In this 1923 quote, Savarkar merely asserted Hindus being a nation without conceding that Muslims too constituted a nation. So this quote does not support Noorani’s charge that Savarkar propounded the Two-Nation Theory in 1923.

                According to Noorani, Savarkar at the Ahmedabad session of Hindu Mahasabha in 1937 said: “I warn the Hindus that the Mohammedans are likely to prove dangerous to our Hindu Nation… India cannot be assumed today to be a unitarian and homogenous nation, but on the contrary there are two nations in the main: the Hindus and the Moslems in India.” So it is in 1937 that one could say that Savarkar too talked about Muslims constituting a nation.

                Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817-1898) of the Aligarh Muslim University fame is the real godfather of the Two-Nation Theory, as he is the first person to have advocated in 1863 that Muslims of India were a separate nation. Many ‘eminent’ Hindu historians and journalists hide this fact.

                Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada, a Pakistani has written in his book Evolution of Pakistan [The All-Pakistan Legal Decisions, Nabha Road, Lahore, 1963, chapter 3] : (i) In 1867, in his conversation with Mr Shakespeare, Commissioner of Benares, Sir Ahmed said; “Now I am convinced that both these nations (Hindus and Muslims) will not join wholeheartedly in anything.” (Page 48). (ii) In a speech in 1883, Sir Syed said, “Now suppose that all the English were to leave India… then who would be the rulers of India? Is it possible that under the circumstances the two-nations—the Muslims and the Hindus—could sit on the same throne and remain equal in power? Most certainly not. It is necessary that one of them should conquer the other and thrust it down. To hope that both could remain equal is to desire the impossible and the inconceivable.” (Page 49 ). (iii) In his letter dated November 14, 1911, Syed Ameer Ali wrote to Sir Mohammed Shafi that “the only sound basis of cooperation is a modus vivendi by which two-nations (i.e. Hindus and Muslims) may work together for the common good whilst retaining their own communal existence and their communal rights”(Page 69).

                Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s presidential address to the Muslim League on December 29, 1930 was the first deployment of the Two-Nation Theory from a political party forum.

                Thus, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1863), Syed Ameer Ali (1910), Iqbal (1930) and other Muslim leaders much before Savarkar (1937) had propounded the Two-Nation Theory. Sir Syed first propounded the Two-Nation Theory in 1863 i.e. twenty years before birth of Savarkar in 1883. But in true Jaichandi style Mr Digvijay Singh, a Hindu, has chosen to level false political charges against another Hindu, Savarkar.

The writer served as Ambassador/High Commissioner and belongs to 1971 batch of Indian Foreign Service

            By OP Gupta

    Burning issues in our country requiring immediate and top attention before a serious debacle takes place are as follows:

  1. Rampant corruption with increasing trend at all levels specially at the higher and highest level.
  2. Not instituting Lokpal in Centre and all States by law with police force and full power to punish the guilty including PM. No provision for appeal.
  3. Getting back black money lying overseas in billions of dollars.
  4. Continuous generation of black money and tax evasion in a big way, thus depriving the weaker section and particularly the poor from their basic needs like potable water, sanitation, food, education, medical care etc; whereas wealthy class is enjoying paradise and wasting.
  5. Extravagance and vulgar display of wealth by affluent, political and well-off classes.
  6. Alleviation of poverty which is a serious menace is continuously increasing. Government is not making it mandatory on industries to adopt 1 to 100 villages as per size and capacity and provide all basic amenities. There are seven lakh villages whereas there are more than 15 lakh profit-making industries in the country.
  7. Provide more power, authority, latest weapons/equipments and enough force to be given to security agencies to sort out crimes, terrorism by shooting at sight.
  8. Fast trial of crimes, corruption cases, terrorism etc. Onus of proof be on the accused/criminal, corrupt, tax evaders etc for not guilty.
  9. To amend the Evidence Act, relevant laws and enactment of very stringent laws to cover these maladies.
  10. Long pending Women Quota (1/3rd) Bill be passed forthwith.
  11. Government should be liberal to appoint JPC whenever 1/4th Members of Lok Sabha raise demand.
  12. Government functioning should be more transparent in respect of bulk purchases including defence to avoid manipulation and kickbacks.
  13. Expand CBI with more power and independence (should be totally independent from the Executive). However, Intelligence Bureau and RAW are to keep watch over CBI for any mal-functioning, injustice, corruption etc.
  14. Central Vigilance Commission’s functioning should be to screen all activities of CBI without any interference or directives but in case any malafide is detected the same should be passed on to IB or RAW or High Powered Board for further action.
  15. Increase number of Judges of Supreme Court to 50 and in all High Courts by 10 to 25 per cent so as to complete all long pending cases within 3 years and no case thereafter to remain lying beyond 3 years in future.
  16. Rapid growth of population is a great barrier in progress and it is likely that the population bomb blast will be very serious in near future as the population of those living below poverty line has already reached 40 crore and it is increasing day by day. If population control cannot be imposed by law due to objection from Muslim community, there are many other ways to stop population growth through incentives, restrictions and bans.
  17. The government should constitute a High Powered Board of top eminent and of high integrity members numbering eleven which will appoint or remove or take any action on the members, nominees, appointees of Lokpal, CAG, CBI, IB, RAW, Election Commission, Supreme Court, High Courts and other Commissions and Agencies. Besides, the Board can directly hear any serious complaint of the highest level specially ministers or people on top positions. No appeal to Supreme Court on any decision by 60 per cent majority of the Board. Below 60 per cent majority may go for appeal to Supreme Court for hearing by a Bench of five senior Judges whose decision will be final and binding.
  18. A number of clauses/provisions of the People’s Representation Act to be amended as per the present situation and demand of time since this act was enacted decades back. Similarly, the entire Constitution needs to be reviewed and reframed as per the present condition in the country.
  19. Strict law should be made and enforced to control adulteration in milk, medicine, eatable items.
  20. Persons having pending criminal cases and proved guilty in past should not be allowed to contest for MLA or MP elections.
  21. Honest and hard-working government staff should be rewarded.
  22. Inflation and unemployment are adding to misery of the people and the government is simply sleeping.
  23. Article 311 of the Constitution needs to be amended as the Babus having been pampered and provided too much immunity are not discharging their duties as public servants, a term given by Mahatma Gandhi and enshrined in the Constitution. They are functioning and behaving as public masters.
  24. Scam after scam involving huge amounts are taking place under your nose and you are not taking action but supporting them. Kindly introspect, realise and admit that you are not that respected Manmohan Singh as you were during Narasimha Rao government. So why to ruin image which is already tarnished?

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Sitaram Jindal, Bengaluru


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