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For Pak Press, Truth is napak

Updated: April 20, 2016 10:31 am

A minister in Kejriwal’s AAP government has ‘accused’ India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being an ISI agent. His reasoning is apparently based on the reports in Pakistani papers reporting that the Pathankot terror attack was “stage-managed” by India. Minister saheb’s reasoning must be that by letting Pak security team visit Modi provided the opportunity to try and turn the table and rubbish India’s evidence.

A spokesperson of the Indian government said, “The report in a Pakistan pro-government daily only shows that ISI and Pakistan Army were doing double-speak.

India has provided irrefutable evidence to Pakistan Joint Investigation Team (JIT) during their visit here regarding the involvement of Pak-based terrorists.”

The Pakistan Today quoted an unnamed JIT member as saying that the attack was nothing but “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan as Indian authorities did not have any evidence to back their claims.

The AAP minister having qualified to be part of politician since one or two years would possibly not remember or even know that 9/11 attack in New York was also declared by the Pak media a conspiracy by CIA/FBI to defame Islam and the Muslim world. This shameless lie and fabrication was drummed for months, many leaders and maulvis also endorsed it.

The Pak media knew their lies won’t fool anyone, but one they consider such deceptions a national duty and secondly they want to please the ISI Generals. Their goodwill is like blessings from gods.

 How could Americans destroy their iconic building, destroy four planes and above all kill almost 5000 people. And it must have taken a lot to persuade Arabic-speaking and Pak-trained to die for Kafirs and defame Allah ke Bandhe.

By your logic the former US President George Bush would have been an ISI agent. What a scoop for the unholy Pak spy agency! It stands for napak news.

Taste a few arguments to see how shallow they can be. “Within hours of the assault, all the attackers were shot dead by the Indian security forces. However, the Indian authorities made it a three-day drama to get maximum attention from the world community in order to malign Pakistan.”

Rebutting the report, another government source said the evidence provided to JIT can stand international scrutiny and expressed surprise over media reports emerging that the NIA had not provided enough evidence to the visiting team.

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