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FOR MY Perfect Shot!

Updated: August 7, 2015 6:45 am

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. Full awareness of what makes a good photo is essential in using latest technologies

Have smartphone, will click photos. All the time. And put in filters. And share them ad nauseam. If you subscribe wholeheartedly to this school of thought, then the following list of apps is meant just for you.



‘Trippy’ is the word that comes to mind the minute you take a first look at this app. If you’re a lover of pop art, with special emphasis on neon, and/or if you are a devoted disciple of Andy Warhol, you will love Popkick. It’s simple. Just take a photo and use a funky filter to transform the ordinary into a modern masterpiece. The app has 12 unique pop filters and five filter enhancements that you can mess around with and use the Parallax Pop Shifting mode to melt and blend colours in real time. Popkick has high-res support, which means you can convert all your photos to wall art.



Nope, it’s not just for naughty selfies anymore. Of course, you can still click as many photos as you want, add text and send it to a friend and it’ll disappear after a set period of time (unless they screenshot it). The newest update to Snapchat, however, lets you share photos and videos (even articles) from Snapchat Discover. Discover contains media from companies like CNN, The Daily Mail, Comedy Central, People, Yahoo! that can publish content on Snapchat (but it disappears in 24 hours).15-08-2015


Instagram’s official collage app, Layout is a bundle of fun seamlessly integrated with the original app. You can either select pictures from your phone’s memory and create a collage (wherein you can flip and mirror the photos as well), or choose the Photo Booth option. It clicks “spur-of-the-moment shots” and arranges them as a collage which you can then “remix”. I love the ‘Faces’ option which allows you to quickly select only those photos that include people. Once you have your collage ready, the app automatically takes you to Instagram where you can include filtering, further photo editing, and so on.



Snapseed’s latest version, Snapseed 2.0, is a handy little photo editing app. Select an existing photo or take a new one and add filters and effects. Along with regular features of any editing app, Snapseed has some pretty great grunge and vintage effects. Not to mention lens blur, spot healing, tonal contrast and intelligent perspective transform. Like a mini Photoshop of sorts. Worth mentioning is the Stacks feature that I’m in love with—basically a history of the filters you’ve used during a previous edit. You can use them on a new one or change the filters’ positions (even delete the ones not required) and then reapply over the new photo.

By Sanjay K Bissoyi

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