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Fools Rush Where Angels Fear To Tread

Updated: August 14, 2015 6:45 am

In his anxiety to show Narendra Modi as a friend of the big businesses and least concerned about middle class or poor Rahul Gandhi rushes to wherever some agitation or strikes are being staged. Unfortunately, his strategists do not have much knowledge about things Indian. So they cannot brief him, otherwise they would not let him to go to FTII where students were being disruptive.

When he went to FTII, he was utterly clueless about the long history of unruly and disruptive student behaviour there that has rendered the Institute dysfunctional over the years.

We prepared a summary of disruptions in Academics that have occurred at FTII due to Strikes on various grounds going all the way back to the 1970s:

  • There is a history of strikes starting from 1971 when attempts were made to introduce a specialization course in Direction.
  • There have been 39 protests/strikes, 5 hunger strikes of all durations where academic activities were affected.
  • There is a long history of Students not completing course, as per schedule and overstaying without additional payment.
  • While the duration of the course is 3 years, it is shameful that there are still students from the oldest batch of 2008 failing to complete their course.
  • The Students pay fees, as per the design i.e. 3 years and not as per the actual duration.
  • Hostel fees are paid by the students for 12 months at the time of admission of new academic year. But on an average, students stay 18-22 months for one academic year without paying any extra fees.
  • There have been several sordid instances of inappropriate behaviour leading up to tragedies on campus—a Cinematography student in FTII died in the swimming pool after liquor party; Damage to the entrance door of the main Theater was reported as a result of vandalism by students when they were drunk.
  • Some FTII stalwarts have said FTII campus is a den for “drug addicts, goons and anarchy”.
  • A Director who had relinquished charge of the FTII in 2002 disillusioned and disgruntled said that he had noticed a pattern that students first go to the director, then to the governing council and then to the Ministry and when no one ‘listens’- agrees with them- they go on strike.

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