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Filing of nominations begins for 1st phase of assembly elections in Manipur & 5th phase in Uttar Pradesh

Updated: February 1, 2022 11:31 am

Notification will be issued today for the first phase of assembly election in Manipur. The process of filing of nominations for the Fifth phase of Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh will also begin today with the issuance of notification. The state is going to polls in seven phases from 10th of February to 7th March.

The Fifth phase of polling in Uttar Pradesh will be held in 61 Assembly Constituencies across 12 districts on 27th of February.

In addition, the First of the Two-Phase polling in Manipur will be held on thirty eight seats across six districts on 27th of this month.

The last day for filing of nominations for fifth phase in Uttar Pradeh and the First Phase polling in Manipur is 8th of this month and the scrutiny will be undertaken on 9th of February. The last date for withdrawal of candidature will be 11th of February.

The process of filing nominations for the Third Phase of polling in Uttar Pradesh and Single-Phase polling in Punjab will end this evening. In Uttar Pradesh, a total of 499 candidates have filed their nominations so far. Scrutiny of papers for the Third Phase in Uttar Pradesh and assembly election in Punjab will be held tomorrow. The last date of withdrawal of the candidature is 4th of February.

The Third Phase of polling in Uttar Pradesh will be conducted on 20th of February in 59 Assembly Constituencies across 16 districts. In addition, the Single-Phase polling in Punjab will be held simultaneously on 117 Assembly Constituencies in the state.

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