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Feel The Digital World!

Updated: November 15, 2014 5:00 am

A technology through which one can even feel in the virtual world has created a buzz in the market. Are we heading closer to the virtual world?

Virtual reality is now no more just about visual sensation. It is soon going to be a place where one can feel the digital world. Developers are pushing the boundaries to create more and more innovative devices that can take us to another dimension where we can feel the other world. Such is an attempt by a team of roboticists in China. They have created a hand-capturing device that will be capable enough to make you feel the objects in the virtual world.

The team has come up with Dexmo, a device which uses a mechanical exoskeleton. This device is specially designed for the user to touch the digital world. It transmits a person’s finger movement on to several rotational sensors and the data is transmitted directly to a device or back to a host computer, where the team’s SDK performs their special kinematics algorithm to regenerate a hand model.

This exoskeleton is different from others as it is designed to provide user’s fingers with resistance, thereby, enabling them to feel the presence of virtual objects with hands. This is made possible with the help of a brainy-engineered braking system. When the device is inactive, the brake don’t hinder the wearer’s finger movement. But when switched on, braking mechanisms becomes active and prevent the user’s fingers from moving up or down when they come into contact with a solid virtual object. So for example, if a wearer wants to grab a virtual ball, the brakes would stop the person’s fingers at a certain point, making it feel as if there’s a spherical object in their hand. Force feedback isn’t the only trick Dexmo has up its sleeve. With the right programming, the device can be used as an input device for just about anything—a robotic hand, the arm of a virtual character, an RC car, or even the lamp on your desk. In one of the demo videos on Dexmo’s Kickstarter page, the creators show how it can be programmed to recognize sign language and provide a nearly instantaneous translation.


Overall, the device will be a breakthrough in the virtual world and technology will advance in a way that will allow the users to interact with the virtual world completely.

By Rohan Pal

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