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Facebook functioning on Smartphone

Updated: August 10, 2017 4:39 pm

Facebook could be working on a smartphone, according to paperwork recently spotted by cyber sleuths which the tech giant filed earlier this year. A Facebook unit devoted to hardware filed a patent application in January for a mysterious “modular electromechanical device” that could have speakers, cameras, microphones, touchscreens, and displays. Speculation has swirled for years regarding whether the leading social network would try to capitalize on its popularity with is own smartphone. Facebook has repeatedly dismissed such talk as rumour.

YouTube to retire its Video Editor and Photo Slideshows

It is learnt that YouTube is going to shut its tools Video Editor and Photo Slideshows from September 20. Not all editing features are being removed however – creators will still be able to use the Enhancements like trimming, blurring, and filters. The company cites limited usage of the two features as the reason for the discontinuation. Those YouTube creators that still have projects in the Video Editor or Photo Slideshow section will need to finalise them before September 20, or they will lose the projects. Those videos already published with Video Editor or Photos Slideshows will be unaffected. Those that want to download their videos from the Video Editor will be able to do so in 720p resolution, or, they can use Google Takeout to get them in original quality.

Hyperloop One conducted its successful test

Hyperloop announced that it had conducted a successful first test of a specially designed vehicle to travel in a vacuum environment. In the test, which took place earlier this year, the company achieved controlled propulsion and levitation of a Hyperloop One vehicle at 70 mph on a 315-foot test track in the Nevada desert. The test vehicle reached nearly 2Gs of acceleration during its brief 5.3 second test run on the specially built track.

A comparison has been drawn between the Hyperloop accomplishment and the Wright Brothers’ first test flight in December 1903. Just as brief as the Hyperloop One test, it is recognized as one of the key events in the evolution of manned flight. However, it took several years before airplane technology was refined and developed enough to move beyond the test stage.

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