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Extreme climate crisis is creating a form of covert terrorism

By Viral Desai
Updated: March 15, 2023 5:56 pm

Venice is considered as one of  the most romantic city in the world. India’s relationship with Venice is also very romantic indeed as the famous Bollywood song like ‘Do Lafzo Ki Hai, Dil Ki Kahani…’ was shot in Venice for the first time in a seventies era movie named as  ‘The Great Gambler’ and then Indians travelled all the way to Venice just to get the feel of the song. Now not only Indians, but  tourists from all over the world will have to think twice and do a proper research if they are planning to take a trip to Venice because the small water canals of Venice have almost dried up, leaving hundreds of Gondolas used for transportation earlier parked on the canal banks.Unfortunately leaving the Gondolas drivers unemployed overnight.

Just last week I had read an article on the Gondolas titled, ‘Is this the end of the gondola rides in Venice?’, which also stated that Venice has no cars since the entire city is built along the canals. In the absence of water from canals, how will the transportation of the local people be managed with the extreme muddy and semi dry areas all over? Climate change has led to a natural curfew in Venice, with people locked in their homes due to the climate crisis without a government order.

When I studied this whole situation in Venice, I realized that Venice is currently at a loss of 61% of its water. The reason for that is the extreme heat in  Italy and various parts of Europe. Lack of rain and the low tides created in the sea are also making the situation worse. In this alarming time of crisis, the Italian government or the European Union will have to put all other issues aside and put up a single front against only one major issue, and that is the problem of climate change.

I will like to approach this matter from yet another point of view. Italy and many other countries in Europe, or many developed countries in the world, are facing climate crisis in one way or another. If they are not dealing with the climate crisis themselves, they are funding the climate crisis of other countries. On the other hand, developing countries are also facing the same amount of climate crisis. So that means that forty percent or more of the world’s total funds are being spent on the climate crisis alone. But the thing that causes even more concern is that a big part of the global fund amount will eventually fall short as it will be divided and that it will fall in the future and the part will be in the name of unemployment!

Because not only Venice has to bail out gondola operators who are out of a job due to the climate crisis, there are many countries in Asia and South Africa where rising temperatures are forcing people from many different sectors to quit their jobs at once. Or they have to take a break from their work for some months. The number of workers forced to leave their work due to unbearable temperatures is not insignificant. This figure will be in crores. On the other hand, there will be thousands of people whose work will stop or deteriorate due to the shortage of workers, who will seek subsidies related to their survival from the governments of their respective countries.

At that time, NGOs or organizations that provide funding in developed countries, developing countries or poor countries of the world will have to take a turn and restructure and pay special attention to their people or families who have got unemployed due to the climate crisis. Special consideration then has to cover many things like their education, health, basic needs and alternative employment. Otherwise, these jobs lost due to the climate crisis will create new classism and unrest in the society.

In a way, job losses due to the climate crisis is a new-age stealth terrorism, which may not be noticed now, but if not targeted at the right time, this terrorism can wreak havoc across the globe.That is why the funds that are set aside for the climate crisis around the world either have to be increased or setting aside thirty percent of the fund as  resilience fund and monitoring  the proper utilization of these funds will become the utmost priority.

In one way, the climate crisis is going to have a huge negative impact on the already challenged economic condition of many countries. On one hand, accidents related to natural calamities are increasing and on the other hand, due to pollution, diseases have affected most parts of the world. If nothing else, the massive job loss due to the climate crisis is a new question. At such a time, if the whole world does not solve this problem by uniting, with a common policy and equality, there is a possibility of creating massive unrest in the world.

This time of the twenty-first century is indeed a very critical time in every way. In this time, if the world is not united and remains divided into political disputes, terrorism or wars, no country can escape from unrest. There will be an unrest in every country, and there will be direct or indirect civil war. That is why this is the right time to fight climate change, and it is the time to restore world peace with the experiences of the past.


By Viral Desai
(The author is a known Environmentalist and the pioneer of Satyagraha  Against Pollution movement, )

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