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Expressely Expressed

Updated: November 22, 2014 1:35 pm

“WHO’S afraid of a Hindu-Muslim couple?” Well, normally Satiricus would not have been, despite his being as timid as a mouse. But then, why would our biggest newspaper seriously and serially ask this question unless there is something about a Hindu-Muslim couple of which people would (or should) be afraid? Satiricus does not understand what it can be, but of course that is understandable given the fact of his underdeveloped understanding. Still he is curious about the question about such a couple.

Being a wordsmith by profession, he keeps wondering about that adjectival description ‘Hindu-Muslim’. For starters, Satiricus assumes that the paper assumes the series is about a married couple. But how is a married couple usually referred to?—As “man and wife”. Then is this series about a Hindu man and his Muslim wife? Of course not. Why not? Because that would be a communal couple, on which this secular paper would not deign to waste its esteemed columns for days on end. On the other hand, the paper expressly says the series is about Muslim-Hindu marriage, which is safely secular and so should be no cause for worry. Says who? Says a famous Muslim film star who is the son of a Hindu mother and the husband of a Hindu wife. He calls it an “inter- marriage”, involving all love, no jihad. How sweet! But in that case this curious, communal cuss has a question—why did this Muslim celeb’s Hindu mother have to become a Muslim called Ayesha Begum before she married her reportedly progressive Muslim lover? And in that case was not their apparent “inter-marriage” an actual nikah? Oh well, an ignorant journalist like Satiricus cannot be expected to comprehend the fine distinction between a Hindu-Muslim marriage and a Muslim-Hindu marriage, or between a Muslim-Hindu marriage and a nikah.

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