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Expansionist Dragon: Truth behind Tawang face-off

Updated: December 17, 2022 2:09 pm

China, which is creating controversy all over the world, is not desisting from its cowardly antics. This country, which is completely blind about its expansionist policy, is continuously becoming aggressive with India. His troops infiltrated Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, after which they clashed with the Indian Army. But China is not only doing this with India, it also has disputes with other countries of the world regarding land and water. All its neighbors have become unhappy with this policy of expansionism. If we look at the world map, it will be known that China shares borders with 14 countries and has border disputes with almost all of them.

But do you know that whether it is India or Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet, China’s conspiracy to occupy all is known as Five Finger Policy? How controversial it is, you can guess from the fact that even China itself does not officially name it but is always trying to shape it. Here, when the Communist Party assumed power in 1949, work on the policy of expansionism started. As soon as this government was formed, China occupied Tibet, East Turkestan and Inner Mongolia. At the same time after the civil war, a separate country named Taiwan came into existence, on which China is still lying and tells it as its part. China did not stop here, but it also annexed Hong Kong in 1997 and Macau in 1999.

After Tibet, China is trying to capture Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. So that he can establish his monopoly in the Himalayan region. China has stepped up its efforts to achieve this objective. So let us now know in detail about his five finger policy.

1. The latest tension between China and India has happened in Arunachal Pradesh. In the 1962 war, the Chinese army penetrated deep into this Indian state and occupied a large area. Today it has built a village on this illegal occupation. This area is also known as NEFA. China opposes the visit of any Indian leader in this area. It does not recognize the Indian passport of the people here. While China does not have any such evidence, which can prove that it is its land. China’s stomach is still not full, it is still trying to capture other parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

2.India’s peace-loving neighboring country Bhutan, situated on the eastern side, is the second finger in this policy. China has been claiming this for a long time. India has a military treaty with Bhutan, under which it provides military assistance to this country. Indian forces look after the security there. However, to fool Bhutan, China sometimes pretends to provide attractive foreign investment and sometimes some help.

3. Sikkim is an important part of India, which is also very beautiful in appearance. But it was not a part of it at the time of independence. Rather it was merged with India in 1975. Then China strongly opposed it. But it could not succeed in any of its tricks. In today’s time, China claims Sikkim as its own and Chinese forces have tried to infiltrate there many times.

4. No matter how much China claims to have good relations with Nepal, it has bad eyes on this country too. A large part of Nepal is also occupied by China. Recently, the people of Nepal took to the streets and protested a lot against China regarding this. At one point, Nepal had even requested India for military help. India has always been helping this country. But the communist government of Nepal kept on dancing at the behest of China for a long time.

5. China’s actions in Ladakh are not hidden from anyone. Its forces are constantly trying to infiltrate the Indian border. China is already in possession of a large area, which is known as Aksai Chin. It used to be the territory of India once. China’s eyes are on the Galvan Valley, where tension has remained since June, 2020. Nearly 16 rounds of meetings between the two countries have also proved to be futile.

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