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“Every Film Has Its Own Luck With It”—Akshay Kumar

Updated: September 14, 2013 2:35 pm

From Hindi remake of South Indian hit movies to his upcoming movies, Boss, from multiplex culture to his future project Gutkha, Akshay Kumar in an interview with Sumit Sharma, speaks on several other issues related to Bollywood. Excerpts:


After Rowdy Rathore, your next film on the box office, Boss is a remake of another super hit film of the South. Is there any special reason for this?

No. It is not like this. Other producers or I make those films that the audiences like and we can earn some profit after recovering our production cost. In the South, people like action movies, so such kind of movies are made there in a large number. We also make films from among them after buying their rights. I do not accept Boss as a complete action movie. While making this film in Hindi, we changed a lot in the script. I believe that if we make a remake of a super hit south Indian film, we will have to accommodate a lot of zing, which is liked by the Hindi audience. If we do not do this, the audience will not accept the film.

Your last super hit film, Oh My God, was based on a Gujarati stage show. Do you think that there is dearth of good scriptwriters in Bollywood? Otherwise, why does Hindi film industry, for a hit movie, make films based on hits of other regional languages?

I do not concur with you. You and I live in a country where dozens of languages are spoken and all these are our own languages. And also it is not true that Hindi movies are not made in other regional languages. Every year, we make only five-seven Hindi films based on the South movies, whereas in the South, dozens of films are made annually based on Hindi films. We do not have any scarcity of good stories. I think Hindi films are used in the largest number by other language filmmakers. For, we make offbeat movies, based on such subjects on which no other language filmmakers make films. Besides Yashraj and Karan Johar, the young filmmakers are too making films on innovative and creative subjects, which is yet not possible in other languages.


Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 earned about Rs 11 crore on the release of its first day, despite having the lesser number of screenings. Don’t you think, if the film had been released on Eid, the figure would have been different?

Look, neither am I producer of this film, nor has my company made this film. The decision about a film’s release is taken by the production company, not by actors. I do not know reasons for the postponement of the film. Against this backdrop, I think it is absurd to compare collection of my film with that of other films. I believe every film is released on box office with its luck like a child is born with his/her luck. You cannot deprive one of one’s luck.


Today, the multiplex culture has taken its roots in the entire country and every multiplex comprises, on an average, three or four screens. In this scenario, cannot two mega-budget, multi-starrer films be released simultaneously?

Why not. A few years back, when there were a few multiplexes in the country, then Lagan and Gadar, two mega-budget, multi-starrer movies were released simultaneously and both the movies did very good business. Likewise, other big-budget movies were released on the same day and this will keep happening in the future too. In reply to your last question, I said that every film has its luck with it. Against this backdrop, if in the future three-four mega-budget, multi-starrer movies are released on the same day, ones should not be surprised.


If along with to your production company’s film, another film is also released on the same day, would you postpone the release date?

Not at all. See, the day we start a new film, we declare the alternative release date on that very day. In that scenario, the company, buying the distribution rights of our film, prepares market strategy, keeping in mind that release date. If we postpone the release date, the whole scenario will be changed.


You have scored a hat-trick of hit films with Sonakshi, but there has been no film with Katrina for a long time. Why?

Look, there are problems of dates. Now, every one cannot work in the same film at the same time. If Katrina has one film, she will think of other film after completing the earlier one. Nowadays, when we start a new film, film stars’ dates are taken in advance. Maybe, there would be a film with Katrina next year.


You are working on Gutkha with Karan Johar. Don’t you think, owing to its name, the film may get stranded in the Censor Board?

The shooting of this film has not yet started. But I do not think there is anything wrong with the title, as we are not promoting gutkaha in the film. I see the word gutkha written in newspapers’ and TV channels’ advertisements. Nobody makes any objection. Then why will anyone oppose in the case of our film?

It is heard, having dropped Imran Hashmi, Arjun Kapur has been inducted into this film.

The decision to induct Arjun Kapur is not mine; it is of film’s director and the entire production company. However, Imran Hashmi was not signed for this film. So, how can he be sacked?


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