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ET TU UP, Asks Rahul!

Updated: December 23, 2013 11:31 am

He had nursed central and eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh for the last so many years. Rahul Gandhi concentrated on the state for he believed that if it was won by the Congress, the party would have a strong platform to win other states. He also set the objective of raising a cadre of one million youth. He and his mother are also MPs from Amethi and Rae Bareli. And in such a state if now Rahul’s rallies are having extremely poor attendance, no wonder he would feel that all his labour almost for nine years has gone down the drain.

But being a Crown Prince he has Teflon Touch. All the blame would have to be borne by his party leaders and aides. Madhusudan Mistry who was handpicked by Rahul and brought to UP to organise for election, just like Amit Shah has been doing for the BJP, would have to bear most.

The fact is that even during the UP Assembly elections, crowds at Rahul’s rallies were nothing to talk about. And in recent months they have been apparently dwindling, for TV cameras do not sweep to show the crowds, unlike at the Modi’s rallies. In Mangol Puri, his arrival had to be postponed a number of times because of people not turning up.

But now with the do or die election for the Dynasty, thin attendance is ominous, a foreteller of his and his party’s weak position. The discussion these days is between the Samajwadi Party and Congress which would come third and fourth.

What a downfall for a party which sent eight prime ministers, if we include Charan Singh as well, to Delhi. Rahul, the torch-bearer of the Dynasty is seemingly in an utter hopeless situation. Neither can he withdraw from the frontline nor can he convince his party that he would lead them to the victory post. His earlier management style, choosing candidates or party officer-bearers by feeding inputs into a computer or the harping of how opposition governments are swallowing all the aids sent from the Centre for the poor could not cut any ice with the voters

His aides and speechwriters are apparently out of touch with the real India and now he is in big trouble. Who advised him to talk of Jupiter Velocity and that poverty is a state of mind. A senior party leader said Rahul annoyed Muslims by talking about ISI being in contact with some Muslim youths in riot-affected areas of Muzaffarnagar, he has alienated Hindus who believe his secularism means bias towards Muslims and his party men are disgusted with him because they know he would take them down along with his Dynasty. Most unenviable situation to be in!

Rahul’s condition would not have been so pitiable but for Modi, a seasoned politician, a mature administrator and who having risen from the bottom knows what the common man wants, being his rival. Face-to-face Rahul is no match. His party men know it and don’t shy from admitting it.

IS AAM Aadmi Party Really Popular?

The seniors in the Aam Aadmi Party have created an impression that Delhi Assembly would be theirs’ post- election early December. In a survey done by AAP itself, they gave themselves 47 seats out of 70. This was rather a self-commending gesture. This would have been a good electoral ploy. Spread the impression that you are wining and a lot of uncommitted voters would cast their votes to the candidates of the winning party. But what is the reality.

Slum-dwellers and the juggi-jhopriwallahs would surely vote for AAP as Arvind Kejriwal saved them from being over-charged by Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking. He also let them boycott payment of bills for some time. But the impression that the young would support AAP en masse is misplaced. According to reports Delhi University and JNU students said they were not certain that they would vote for AAP candidates.

This was evident from the poor response at a rally on DU’s north campus. Of hardly 150 people, most were AAP volunteers. The DU Union is controlled by ABVP, which means no help would come from the Union. AAP office-bearers say that presidents of 20-odd college unions favour AAP, but students said the presidents might favour AAP but “we have our own minds, and we would decide ourselves”.

The rumours of favouritism at higher levels are not helping either. But the cardinal sin which Arvind Kejriwal committed was to go to Bareilly to meet a cleric who had issued a fatwa against US President Obama and Taslima. He had also tried to tie-up with a Sikh organisation. Such moves showed him up in a very poor light. He was doing exactly what other political parties do. So what was the difference between him and others whom he wants people to confine to history.

And on top of it reports that he has not made much inroad in the campuses cast serious doubt about AAP securing control of Delhi Assembly. The broom seems to be sweeping anti-clockwise!

Who Is Behind Continuing Muzaffarnagar Unrest?

Akhilesh Yadav, the young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, continues to blame opposition parties, especially BJP and BSP, for fanning differences and keeping up the riot situation in Muzaffarnagar. It is like a churlish outcry of a child who having dropped a vase or something accuses others of being at fault. The two maha-panchayats and councils of both Jat and Muslim communities blamed the government for the continuing violence in their areas but also decided to fight each other if need be. Such meets should not have been allowed.

In such an atmosphere of hate, it was necessary for the government to improve its intelligence gathering. All rumours can then be quashed, said a senior police officer. The recent killing of four was a result of news travelling fast that a woman visiting a refugee camp had been raped. The truth, if any, should have been spread and if rape had really taken place efforts should have been made to stop the news about it from spreading.

Once fierce communal riot takes place, scars not only remain for long time but they hurt. They lead to anger and hatred. It just needs a small incident to restart a major violence.

Yadav has to admit, said a former chief secretary, that administrative failure is very much responsible for the fragile peace and that he would also have to deal politically to re-establish harmony between the communities. It is ironic that the people in the area, which was considered stronghold of Ajit Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav, now dislike both of them. BJP is sitting pretty it does not have to toil hard to get votes for its candidates.

Patels Of The World For Modi

If there was no ban on donations from foreign lands to political parties, the BJP would have been dollar and sterling rich, courtesy Narendra Modi. BJP leaders have their ardent supporters from among Gujaratis. When Atal Behari Vajpayee used to go to New York as member of the Indian Delegation to the UN, he would routinely be invited by different Gujarati associations for addressing their members. This would always be followed by dinner. One had to see the happy faces of men, women and children as Vajpayee in his inimitable style talked with them.

In the UK too huge meets would be organised where apart from almost all Gujarati families in Wembley, the Patels and et al would come in chartered buses and cars from all over England. Narendra Modi became more popular among Gujaratis because he was one of them. As pramukh swyamchalak, his welcome in Southall is still remembered for its music, food, all ex-gratia. On his next visit as Chief Minister, a mammoth congregation at the Wembley Conference Hall, was organised in Modi’s honour. He spoke in Gujarati which buoyed their spirit so much that he was named Iron Man and a successor to the original Iron Man, Sardar Patel. Shouts of Chhota Sardar echoed in the Hall.

Now that Modi is a PM-nominee every Gujarati abroad wants to do his bit in helping him enter South Block. Money cannot be sent. So many are likely to send money to their personal accounts, if they have one or send it to a relative or friend. After that it all could be sent to the BJP coffers, all propah as a Brit would say. A New Jersey restaurant owner has prepared a special snack which is named after Modi. The snack costs 45 cents to make and he wishes to distribute it free to hundreds of thousands. His budget is $45000. After that he would come to India so as to be available for any work allotted to him.

With such devotees, how can Modi lose!

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