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Ek Saath Brahmlin Ho Gaye : Salute to Madhulika Rawat

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: December 11, 2021 9:13 am

The tragic incident of CDS Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat along with other military officers at Tamil Nadu has stunned the country. In fact the whole nation today witnessed the Final pyre of CDS Rawat and his wife. Almost everyone, including the government establishments and senior military officers mourned for them. The death is unbelievable, our military establishment lost a father who was quite instrumental in shaping our defense system into a modern look, with a focused vision of self-reliance.

After witnessing the last rites of CDS Bipin Rawat, one thing that repeatedly haunts one’s mind is the death of his wife Madhulika Rawat. The death of the couple at a time, bringing their bodies together, and then the rich tributes offered by one and all, is in fact a rare event. While witnessing the procession of their dead bodies together, one can’t help but surely feel a bit emotional. Really, how lucky are both the husband and wife! I don’t have more information about the loving life of both of them who lived together but I am sure that both had a very good and happy conjugal life. In Bharat, it is believed to be an auspicious thing to die together. In modern times, many people may not accept this argument and take it as a superstition. Earlier in our society, there was a tradition of ‘Satidaha Pratha’ , which was really not acceptable, and one must give credit to Raja Ram Mohan Roy for completely removing that dark tradition. But here without reading and knowing the marriage of the couple, I can say that both had a very strong bonding. In astrology, it is said that when a girl marries a boy, their stars complement each other. Sometimes it is said that, after marriage, the fate of the boy becomes more bright in many aspects. Also it is believed that when a daughter is born, it’s very good for the luck of the father. The point I am making here is that women are in many ways very much linked with the heart and soul of a man. Behind every successful man there is a woman. We need to feel the truth and share everything with our life partner. Husband and wife are both sides of a coin. In Bharat, women are always worshiped in the society like Goddess. In our history and mythology we have seen that women have always taken a first bench as a mark of respect. And it is said that, where women are worshiped as Goddess, the almighty God stays there. That is why in Hindu mythology, it is always called and written as: SitaRam, Radheshyam etc. The story of respecting women is always there in the rich culture and tradition of Sanatan Dharma.

Perhaps, I think in modern world and Kaliyug, Madhulika Rawat and Bipin Rawat were legends of strong love life. It was the strong bonding and good work of Madhulika Rawat that the helicopter crash in 2015 could not take the life of General Bipin Rawat. On every occasion they must have shared a happy family life, and her good wishes and strong support could bring success to General Bipin Rawat. It is a well known fact how CDR Rawat had successfully carried operations at Galway, PoK, and on many occasions. For the last three days we have been listening to different defense experts about the sharp vision of our first CDR. He was always inspiring our military persons that the Indian Army is confident and capable of facing any and every difficult situation that we come across . So, here again I want to give credit to Madhulika Rawat, who was a source of inspiration for her proud husband to reach this position. It is not easy for any wife, specially wives of defense personnel, to daringly send their husbands to war. Bhrarat has a proud history to have this great tradition of sending their family members and sacrificing their life for the cause of our nation. We have seen many war widows wishing to join their children in the army again to fight the enemies of our nation. So we must be very much proud of our women power , who are known as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, and one can say that in strengthening the defense power in Bharat women have a bigger role to play in the form of a Mother or wife. In the war of our Independence we have seen how Rani Lakshmi Bai herself fought with the Britishers to protect our motherland. In fact, in the whole world , women power is very widely exemplified in Bharat.
I salute Madhulika Rawat, who could strongly stand behind the struggling life of General Bipin Rawat. Her sacrifice was visible in the success of General Bipin Rawat. Last but not the least, she could stay and join the General till his last journey. Today, tears rolled down, when the coffins of both the husband and wife were going together for the last rites. Madhulika Rawat didn’t leave the brave General in death alone but in the last pyre also. Both went together and left a great history for the cause of our nation, and our young military officers and their family must learn from the life of Madhulika Bipin Rawat.



By Deepak Kumar Rath


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