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Educative Educational Aids

Updated: July 11, 2015 10:15 am

India that is Bharat

 THE illiterate, uneducated non-Muslim journalist that he is, Satiricus found it quite educative to learn from a recent speech of the PM before a Muslim audience that in Islam education is so important that the Arabic word for ‘Education’ is repeated in the Quran only next as often as the word ‘Allah’. And of course this noble emphasis on Education presupposes those to be educated—the Students. So it is quite in the fitness of things that the most news-worthy segment of the Muslim society is called “Students”, which is the meaning of “Taliban”. For those devout “Students” education is clearly so important a divine duty that they are zealously performing it on an international level it began in Afghanistan, spread to pak Pakistan, and had even tried to enter Darul Harab India.

Unfortunately for Satiricus, being a non-Muslim nitwit he remains unedifyingly uneducated and hence a victim to dastardly doubts about the role of students called Taliban in Education as emphasised in the Holy Quran. Was it in accordance with Quranic educational injunctions that 150 school children were sent from Peshawar to Paradise? Satiricus does not know, not only because he is a non-Muslim nitwit but also because he is a hell-bent Hindu. Still Satiricus is sure pak Pakistanis faithfully follow the Quran in the educational field right from primary school, where little children are taught that A is for Allah, B is for Bandook, and J is of course for Jehad—the Jehad that is the unending war on the unbelievers.

And who the most ungodly among the unbelievers? Of course the Hindus. So Pakistani text books begin the pak education of Pakistani children with eruditely exposing these doubly-damned devils called Hindus. Even Satiricus was horrified to learn from these educative educational aids how horrible he is as a Hindu. Some Quranically quotable quotes:

Hindus are cunning. They are ungrateful. They are consummate conspirators. Hindus are not only cunning conspirators, they are mean murderers. Hindus are perfidious, cunning, treacherous. They have always been out to do in Muslims and Islam. Muslims knew that Hindus have always been their enemy. Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam. India was an uncivilised place, a place mired in cruelty, superstition, till Islam came and civilised it.

Oh, my God ! Satiricus knows he a dimwit, but he never knew he was a devil because he is a Hindu. He thought he is a meek mouse, but actually he is a murderer because he is a Hindu. How on earth could something be so wrong with Satiricus? Could it be that Satiricus had the potential of a murderer because his Hinduism is itself murderous? Ah, that is exactly the terrible truth that has been exposed for the benefit of uneducated retards like Satiricus in a Pakistani history of Hinduism titled Hinduism: Murderer of Humanity, written by an “intellectual” by name Amir Hamza.

Here are the highlights of hellish Hinduism: Hinduism is the enemy of Islam. Hindus are the enemy of Muslims. Hinduism is a festival of prophet Ibrahim. Hindus celebrate Holi with red colour. In fact they would like to celebrate Holi with the blood of Muslims. They massacre Muslims in riots. Hindus have been tampering with their religious book. Allah has sent a messenger and a book to every tribe. Allah also sent a book to Hindus. The holy book that Allah gave to the Hindus was “Vaid”, which was badly tampered. The original “Vaid” discusses the Holy Prophet, oneness of Allah. Earlier, Hinduism was just like Islam. Hindus believe that as long as they don’t murder all non-Hindus in the sub-continent, they cannot please their god.

So there! The terrible truth is out. Satiricus is a Hindu. Hinduism is murderous. So Satiricus is a murderer.QED. But did Satiricus have to learn this?

Without knowing the Quran’s emphasis on education Satiricus has always been going about his murderous business as a Hindu. He has been mercilessly boring his readers to death.

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